Adobe Is Purchasing Data

PLUS: Apple’s AI Processor, ChatGPT Became Smarter

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  • Free instant visual docs*: Guidde can turn boring screen recordings into amazing visual guides in seconds!

  • Adobe trains AI with everyday videos: Adobe pays users $3/minute for videos to train its new text-to-video AI tool

  • Apple AI-focused processors: New Apple M4 chips coming later this year prioritize AI processing and integrate seamlessly with macOS for local AI tasks

  • ChatGPT gets smarter & talks better: OpenAI upgrades ChatGPT (Plus/Team/Enterprise) to a new GPT-4 Turbo version. It also provides more direct and conversational responses

  • Tools to increase your productivity

  • Resources to help you learn and much more…

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⚡ Tools To Supercharge Your Productivity

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Moonbeam - An AI writing assistant specifically trained to help you write essays, stories, articles, blogs, and other long-form content (link)

Manifest - An AI chatbot that helps shoppers find what they need & convert faster, and that too with a human-like touch (link)

HeyGen - Enables anyone to effortlessly create professional, AI-powered videos (link)

📚 Resources To Help You Learn

UK and South Korea to co-host AI Seoul Summit (link)

Find the best AI-powered app to transcribe your audio (link)

Inside Andy Jassy's plan for Amazon in the generative AI era (link)

101 real-world gen AI use cases featured at Google Cloud Next ’24 (link)

Building reliable systems using AI/LLM agents, starting with simple prompts and using an evaluation system to improve them (link)

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💰 Funding

Oden Technologies raises $28.5M to launch AI-driven products for manufacturing (link)

Simbian raises $10M to automate security operations with generative AI (link)

💼 Job Board

Lead UXR Manager, FAIR at Meta (US)

Director, Data Science & ML at Angi (Remote)

🐦 Harry Potter with AI:

🤖 Prompt Tutorial

Spark Something Special

Give me 10 brand names that resonate with [brand personality] and also start with [keyword/letter].

Brand personality = [Insert here]

Letter = [Insert here]

💌 Etcetera

How does the Moon affect Earth's tides?

Team finds new source for sleep-related brain waves

Gravitational waves may have made human life possible

The Panama Canal proposes a new reservoir to secure the water supply

44 secrets you never knew about the Titanic, which sank 112 years ago

Scientists claim to have discovered the "secret ingredient for building a life"

A desert dig has revealed a stunning ancient campsite on an Air Force base

Taking CO2 out of the air would be an absurdly expensive way to fight climate change

🗞️ Expanded News

Adobe is purchasing data

Adobe is paying around $3 per minute to purchase videos to train its new AI text-to-video generator tool. Adobe is purchasing videos that show people engaging in everyday activities and showing emotions.

After Adobe pays the compensation, creators will likely receive no ongoing credit or royalties.

Apple’s AI processor

Apple is planning to introduce new M4 processors later this year and early next year.

The M4 chips will have a strong focus on AI processing and will be integrated with the next version of macOS, giving Macs improved capabilities for tasks involving AI like document summarization locally.

ChatGPT became more human-like

ChatGPT (Plus, Team or Enterprise) has been upgraded to use an enhanced version of GPT-4 Turbo that OpenAI claims improves writing, math, reasoning, and coding abilities.

The updated model also has more recent training data. OpenAI says responses from the new version will be "more direct, less verbose, and use more conversational language.

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