AI Nurses

PLUS: Samsung’s AI Chips, Google's Personal Health AI

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Welcome humans, here’s your 3-minute recap (without the fluff):

  1. Nvidia and Hippocratic AI create AI agents to assist with patient calls and non-diagnostic tasks, potentially easing healthcare staffing shortages → More here

  2. Samsung's new research lab designs chips specifically for powerful AI models, aiming for efficiency → More here

  3. Fitbit partners with Google to develop a personalized health & fitness AI using biometric data to guide users toward their goals → More here

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📚 Resources

NHS AI test spots tiny cancers missed by doctors (link)

These Gigabyte laptops use AI to enhance your gaming (link)

How Hellmann's is using Google Cloud AI to turn leftovers into meals (link)

‘You transformed the world,' NVIDIA CEO tells researchers behind landmark AI paper (link)

Researcher uses machine learning to help digitize ancient texts from the Indus civilization (link)

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Loop raises $6M to champion and unlocks third-party delivery profitability for restaurants (link)

AI Palette raises $5.7M to expand AI-powered insights platform, adds ‘FoodGPT’ chatbot (link)

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💌 Etcetera

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Keto diet may delay memory decline in Alzheimer's disease

Can brightening clouds buy us time to fight climate change?

Trees, and bushes near highways can significantly reduce air pollution

The heat index—how hot it feels—is rising faster than the temperature

Why the spread of organic farms may prompt growers to use more pesticides, not less

Obsidian blades with food traces reveal 1st settlers of Rapa Nui had regular contact with South Americans 1,000 years ago

🗞️ News

AI healthcare agents

Nvidia and Hippocratic AI have teamed up to develop AI-powered healthcare agents. The agents are intended to help with patient calls and perform non-diagnostic tasks.

Testing showed the AI agents outperformed human nurses on certain medical tasks while costing only $9 per hour. Nvidia and Hippocratic believe these agents could help address staffing shortages in healthcare.

Samsung’s AI chips

Samsung has opened a new research lab dedicated to developing computer chips. The lab will initially focus on designing chips optimized for large AI language models and inference tasks.

Their goal is to create chip designs that can support increasingly large and powerful AI models while using less energy and resources.

Google's personal health AI

Fitbit is partnering with Google to develop an AI system called a Personal Health Large Language Model that will provide Fitbit users with personalized health and fitness coaching and recommendations based on their biometric data.

It aims to help users achieve their goals by suggesting lifestyle changes.

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