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PLUS: OpenAI’s Growing Demands, Samsung’s Chip Production

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  • Analyze Like Experts* - Join over 50,000 organizations using Metabase's intuitive BI tools for data visualization, self-service analytics, and embeddable dashboards (free trial available).

  • AI startup founders seek acquisitions, indicating potential market consolidation (More)

  • OpenAI partners with Microsoft and Oracle for increased computing power (More)

  • Samsung streamlines AI chip production, reducing production time by 20% (More)

  • Tools to increase your productivity

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Productivity Tools

Brilliant* - Sharpen your mind with quick, interactive courses in AI, data, logic, and more. Start free today!

Lavender - An AI email coach that analyzes your messages and provides tips to increase open and reply rates (link)

Visla - An AI-powered video creation and editing platform that allows users to easily generate professional videos without any video production experience (link)

Julius AI - An AI data analyst that analyzes datasets, creates visualizations and even trains ML models with only a prompt (link)

Useful Resources

How to use AI in supply chain management (link)

Here’s how Apple’s AI model tries to keep your data private (link)

3 ways AI can unlock human potential to build relationships (link)

Aleph Alpha CEO: Our AI services are 'transforming businesses' (link)

Tested 9 popular AI image generators. Here’s the scoop for marketers (link)

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💰 Funding

Mistral AI raises $640M in Series B to expand its AI model development (link)

Polynome Group launches $100M fund to invest in AI startups (link)

💼 Job Board

Taxonomy Strategist, Product Experience at Netflix (US)

Staff Machine Learning Engineer at Mozilla (Remote)

🐦 Apple Intelligence:

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AI Founders looking to sell startups

A growing number of AI startup founders are looking to sell their companies, the CEO of leading AI startup Hugging Face.

Delangue says Hugging Face is receiving inbound requests from about 10 AI startups each week that are interested in being acquired. This could be a sign of consolidation coming to the AI market.

OpenAI’s growing demands

OpenAI is partnering with Microsoft and Oracle to gain more computing power and infrastructure to support its services.

OpenAI has relied primarily on Microsoft's Azure platform, but as demand for ChatGPT has grown, the company needs additional computing capacity that Microsoft alone cannot provide.

Samsung’s chip production

Samsung is offering a streamlined process to speed up the production of AI chips by integrating its memory chip, foundry, and packaging services into a one-stop shop for clients.

This reduces the typical production time of weeks down by around 20%.

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