Amazon Invests $9 Billion

PLUS: Nike's AI, AMD’s AI Chips

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  • Meet AI Leaders for FREE*: Ai4 2024 is the world’s largest gathering of artificial intelligence leaders in business

  • Amazon invests $9 billion to expand Singapore cloud, boosting regional AI adoption (More)

  • Nike leverages AI to design custom performance shoes based on athlete data (More)

  • AMD launches Ryzen Pro processors with built-in AI processing for commercial PCs (More)

  • Tools to increase your productivity

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Ai4 2024 is the world’s largest gathering of artificial intelligence leaders in business.

Join 4500+ attendees, 350+ speakers, and 150+ AI exhibitors from 75+ countries at the epicenter of AI innovation. See the full agenda.

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Productivity Tools

Growth School* - Learn how to research faster, automate tasks & simplify your life using AI with this 3-hour FREE workshop where you learn 20+ AI Tools & more. Register & join now ($0 for First 100)

timeOS - An AI productivity companion that captures and summarizes your day, organizes all relevant information and proactively surfaces the knowledge you need (link)

Twig - Helps to automate your customer service with AI (link)

Flatfile - A smart API platform for file-based data import and exchange (link)

Useful Resources

Try Codingscape for scalable software. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies like Reddit and Zappos, they offer end-to-end support development expertise (link)

8 best AI coding assistants of 2024 (link)

Why AI playing video games is a big deal (link)

How to use ChatGPT, Copilot, and Gemini AI tools (link)

Delta’s 10-year journey to the top of the App Store (link)

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💰 Funding

Italian startup Futura raises $15M to personalize student's learning through AI (link)

OpmedAI secures $15M to address healthcare labor shortages with AI (link)

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Senior Campaign Manager at inPowered (US)

Research Engineering Internship at SupraOracles (Remote)

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💌 Etcetera

Meet AI leaders from 75+ countries

Why parents should worry more about kids’ VR use

5 wild ideas rejected by the Constitutional Convention

The 50 most commonly prescribed medications in the US

25 most mysterious archaeological artifacts ever discovered

Could a giant parasol in outer space help solve the climate crisis?

Which countries have the highest (and lowest) literacy rates in the world?

How to tell if someone is lying to you, according to body language experts

The archaeologists found two epic treasures under the floors of George Washington’s mansion

🗞️ Closing Updates

Amazon invests $9 Billion

Amazon is planning a major $9 billion investment to expand its cloud computing infrastructure in Singapore over the next 4 years.

This investment will double the company's existing cloud footprint in the country, as Amazon Web Services looks to meet growing customer demand for cloud services and speed up the adoption of AI in the region.

Nike & AI

Nike is developing its own custom AI model to design products using its extensive data on athlete performance. Nike will take advantage of its exclusive datasets from athletes.

This AI system allows Nike to rapidly prototype personalized shoe designs based on prompts about the athletes' preferences and personalities.

AMD’s AI chips

AMD's new Ryzen Pro 8000 series processor provides built-in AI processing in commercial PCs. This allows the commercial PCs using these processors to handle AI-related tasks more efficiently.

AMD is positioning these new Ryzen Pro chips as competitive alternatives to Intel's offerings.

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