Amazon’s Biggest Investment

PLUS: AI Farming, Google's Shopping AI

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Autonomo raises $2.5M seed funding for checkout-free retail software (link)

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Venture Lead, Conversational AI Experiences at Adobe (US)

Senior Engineering Manager, ML at Reddit (Remote)

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🗞️ Expanded News

Amazon’s biggest investment in history

Amazon has finalized its planned $4 billion investment in Anthropic, putting in another $2.75 billion. This is reportedly Amazon's largest venture investment to date.

Amazon wants to generate revenue by hosting Anthropic's models on its AWS cloud services and allowing customers to build AI apps with them.

AI farming

US farmers are increasingly adopting AI and other technologies like drones and autonomous tractors to help address labor shortages and climate change threats.

Experts believe widespread AI use could help meet the growing global food demand sustainably. The US government is investing heavily to promote AI research and development for agriculture.

AI tools for shopping

Google is rolling out new AI tools to enhance online shopping searches. These include Style Recommendations, which allow users to rate and provide feedback on clothing items to better refine future search results based on their preferences.

Shoppers can also specify brands they like to instantly see more options from those brands.

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