Apple’s AI Acquisition

PLUS: AI For Finance, AI Real Estate Agent

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  1. Apple acquired DarwinAI, a company specializing in AI-powered manufacturing efficiency → More here

  2. Oracle unveils new AI features for finance and supply chain management, emphasizing data protection → More here

  3. A Las Vegas company debuts an AI real estate agent to assist families searching for homes → More here

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Together lands $106M investment to grow its cloud for training generative AI (link)

Synnax secures $1M in funding for its AI-driven platform, which aims to create an unbiased credit rating standard across digital assets (link)

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🗞️ News

Apple’s AI acquisition

Apple has acquired DarwinAI, a Canadian AI startup specializing in computer vision to observe manufacturing components and improve efficiency.

While the deal has not been officially announced, in January several DarwinAI team members joined Apple's machine learning teams. The acquisition could help Apple with manufacturing efficiency.

AI for supply chain management

Oracle has unveiled new AI capabilities for finance and supply chain management.

The AI models are embedded directly into existing workflows, Oracle says customer data is protected and only customers can use models trained on their data.

AI real estate agent

A Las Vegas-based real estate company called Luxury Realty Group is introducing an AI real estate agent to help families find homes in the Las Vegas area.

The AI agent could help both realtors and home buyers by assisting with the search process.

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