Apple’s Next Big Thing

PLUS: AI Business Agents, Marketplace For Training Data

Leader, welcome back. Today’s updates:

  • Apple to enhance Siri capabilities at the upcoming WWDC (More)

  • Meta to optimize message delivery with AI and other updates to WhatsApp Business (More)

  • Human Native AI creates a marketplace for AI companies to license training data from content creators (More)

  • Tools to increase your productivity

  • Resources to help you learn and much more…


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Productivity Tools

Chatling* - Create chatbots & automate tasks like customer support, onboarding, & lead generation in less than 15 minutes (link)

Visme - An all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create presentations, videos, and other branded content (link)

Browse AI - Simplifies data extraction from multiple sources by allowing businesses to train no-code scraping robots (link)

Opus Clip - A generative AI video tool that repurposes long videos into shorts in one click. Powered by OpenAI (link)

Useful Resources

Stacked Marketer - Join 59,000+ marketers for daily advertising hacks, insights, and news. Sign up for free!

With AI, anyone can be a coder now (link)

5 ways ChatGPT can help your business (link)

Hey, Siri! Let's talk about how Apple is giving you an AI makeover (link)

How generative AI is changing the game for software developers (link)

How this professor teaches AI and thinks about the future of human creativity (link)

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💰 Funding

Prague's Product Fruits secures $1.6M for AI-powered customer onboarding platform (link)

Inspeq AI raises $1.1M to safeguard the future of AI with Sure Valley Ventures (link)

💼 Job Board

Senior Software Engineer at Upstart (Remote)

Lifecycle Marketing & Innovation at Synchrony (US)

🐦 AI updates last week:

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Optimizing Your Business Website for Conversions

Craft a detailed plan for optimizing a business website for maximum conversions. Consider factors such as user experience, call-to-action placement, mobile responsiveness, and A/B testing strategies. How do you prioritize elements for improvement, and what metrics do you use to measure success? Share actionable steps and potential challenges in implementing your conversion optimization strategy.


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Apple’s next big thing

Apple is gearing up for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference event, which is expected to be a pivotal moment for the company.

The company is expected to announce a partnership with OpenAI which could lead to significant improvements in the capabilities of Siri

AI business agents

Zuckerberg revealed several updates for WhatsApp Business, including the rollout of Meta Verified to help businesses build credibility, the addition of voice call capabilities, and the use of AI to optimize message delivery to the most interested customers.

Zuckerberg also outlined a future where businesses can leverage AI-powered "business agents" to connect with customers in personalized ways, with Meta currently testing this technology in select markets.

Marketplace for training data

Human Native AI is a London-based startup building a marketplace to facilitate licensing deals between AI companies and content creators/rights holders.

The goal is to help AI systems and large language models access the massive amounts of data they need to train on, while ensuring the rights holders are compensated and have control over how their content is used.

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