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How to Build Differentiated, Scalable Image Generation Apps with OctoML

AI image generation, use cases and capabilities

Welcome back to Prompts Daily.

This Sunday, I have a ton of new learnings, insights, and tutorials for you!

Today we have a deep dive into creating customized images for your particular needs using OctoAI.

Generating high-quality, customizable and cost-effective images is transforming industries from creative agencies to e-commerce.

However, customizing systems like Stable Diffusion requires engineering expertise that many lack.

OctoML simplifies customizing Stable Diffusion for your needs, and all these capabilities will be made available later this week for you to try for free.

In this deep dive, we’ll cover 2 use cases that will help you with this today:

  • Import pre-created checkpoints and LoRAs into the OctoAI Asset Library

  • Create your fine-tuning LoRA using OctoAI fine-tuning


  • Checkpoints = a saved state of the model at a certain point in its training, which allows users to resume or revert to that state without starting the training process over again.

  • LoRA (Low-Rank Adaptation) = a technique for fine-tuning AI models, enabling them to learn new tasks by making small, targeted adjustments, rather than retraining the entire model from scratch.

Let’s get into the tutorials 👇

🧠 Note: New to OctoML? You can sign up and start using it here.

Use Case 1: Import customization assets

OctoAI's asset library lets you easily import, store, and manage checkpoints and LoRAs to fine-tune Stable Diffusion.

For example, you can upload a custom pixel art fine-tuning asset compatible with Stable Diffusion XL. The asset becomes available in your library within minutes for use in prompts.

To generate Halloween-themed images, you can combine the Stable Diffusion XL model with a cartoon checkpoint and the "RPG Banshee" LoRA from the asset library.

By tweaking the LoRA's weight, you can find the perfect blend of cartoony and sinister for the prompt "Cute ghost holding jack-o-lantern."

The asset library makes exploring fine-tuning intuitive and accessible, even for beginners.

Full tutorial: Here’s a full video on importing customization assets (link to video)

Use Case 2: Create your own fine-tuning asset

OctoAI makes it easy to customize Stable Diffusion by creating your own fine-tuning assets.

For example, you can train a custom LoRA on images tailored to your app. Once trained, you can upload the LoRA to OctoAI and add it to prompts for consistent, high-quality results aligned with your needs.

You can also leverage popular community assets like those on Hugging Face without having to engineer the integrations yourself.

OctoAI handles loading assets dynamically at runtime, so you can customize Stable Diffusion without managing countless dedicated endpoints.

Full tutorial: Here’s a full video on fine-tuning your assets (link to video)

Behind OctoAI Image Gen Solution

The OctoAI Asset Orchestrator enables these features. It dynamically loads fine-tuning assets from your library into the Stable Diffusion endpoint as needed.

Maintain 100s of assets without cold start delays or cost overhead of per-asset endpoints. Generating a million customized images daily is possible.

OctoML builds on its AI systems expertise to deliver the fastest, most affordable Stable Diffusion on the market. The OctoAI Image Gensolution simplifies customizing it for your app.

With OctoML, build differentiated, scalable image generation into your app in days.

Focus on your app capabilities, not AI plumbing.

OctoML is making GenAI image generation more accessible by simplifying the customization of systems like Stable Diffusion.

It's exciting to see companies like OctoML accelerating the responsible adoption of AI by making its benefits more accessible.

What customers are saying about OctoML

“OctoAI’s integration has been instrumental in making it possible for CALA to power the ability for our customers to fine-tune their image generation. OctoAI has allowed us to accelerate our development and time to market with these new features while eliminating the typical costs that we would have faced by running multiple parallel model variants.”

— Dylan Pyle, CTO, CALA

"Speed is key to the AI art experience we deliver. We’ve been able to increase our image generation speeds by 5x with OctoAI’s low latency inferences, and this has resulted in even more usage and growth for our platform!

And we’ve been super impressed with the delivery velocity of new features. We can barely keep up with the pace of new features and enhancements, and we love what these unlock for our customers."

— Angus Russell, Founder, Nightcafe

That’s all, team!

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*This deep dive was in partnership with OctoML

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