Cash Flow Management AI

PLUS: TMSC’s $600B Market, AI Cameras In Olympics

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  1. JPMorgan offers a free AI cash flow tool: Helps businesses analyze and forecast cash flows, potentially reducing manual work by 90%, allowing teams to focus on strategic decision-making. → More here

  2. TSMC stock surges: Market cap nears $600 billion due to optimism about AI driving demand for advanced chips → More here

  3. French police test AI cameras for Olympics: Cameras aim to detect suspicious activity in crowds → More here

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Collov AI secures $10M in Series A funding to revolutionize home furnishing with AI design technology (link)

Gradial raises $5.4M to bring AI to enterprise marketing workflows (link)

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🗞️ News

Cash flow management AI

JP Morgan has developed an AI-powered cash flow management tool called Cash Flow Intelligence to help corporate treasury departments analyze and forecast cash flows.

This free tool has helped some clients reduce manual work in categorizing and visualizing payment flows by around 90%. JPMorgan is considering charging clients in the future to use the tool.

TMSC’s stock price

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC)'s stock price jumped 5.2%, lifting its market capitalization to nearly $600 billion.

This was fueled by optimism about AI driving demand for more advanced chips. One step closer to reclaiming a spot in the world’s 10 most valuable companies.

AI cameras in Olympics

The French police plan to test and use AI-based surveillance cameras at the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics and some concerts happening this week.

The cameras can detect disturbances like crowds, abandoned packages, and suspicious movements.

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