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  • 💡 Meta's New Tools: Chatbot For WhatsApp And More

💡 Meta's New Tools: Chatbot For WhatsApp And More

PLUS: Bing’s New Voice Search On Desktop

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Good morning folks. Welcome back to your daily dose of AI news and more importantly… why you should care!

Let’s get into our starter, then the main course, and then dessert for the day…


🛠 Meta’s New AI Tools

Read time: 3 mins - (link)

Key update: Meta has shared its future plans focused on AI, upcoming products such as advanced chatbots for Messenger and WhatsApp, a feature on Instagram to modify user photos via text prompts, and an emoji sticker creator for messaging services. Another significant tool is 'Metamate', a productivity assistant for employees, built around AI capabilities.

Why we should care: The fact that yet another $500B+ company is dipping its toes into AI shows that we are indeed on the right track reading this newsletter and aiming to stay ahead of the curve. We (at Prompts Daily) firmly believe AI is here to stay and our goal with this newsletter is to provide the most amount of value per word in every email ❤️.

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🎤 Bing’s New Voice Search On Desktop

Read time: 1 min - (link)

Key update: Microsoft is integrating Bing's voice-activated chatbot feature into its Edge desktop browser. Previously available only on mobile, this feature allows users to interact with Bing using vocal commands. This move comes as Microsoft plans to phase out Cortana on Windows, introducing its AI-powered Copilot in Windows 11 as a more comprehensive substitute.

Why we should care: This development opens new doors for voice search and digital assistance on the desktop, which has potential implications for search engine marketing and optimization. Apple’s Siri also needs an upgrade. AI is that upgrade.

🏥 Google’s AI In Health Care

Read time: 3 mins - (link)

Key update: Google Cloud has partnered with Mayo Clinic to test its new service called Enterprise Search on Generative AI App Builder. This tool helps to create customized chatbots, powered by Google's AI, to sift through vast amounts of internal data. In the healthcare context, it allows clinicians to access and interpret various forms of patient data quickly and via a straightforward query, even if the information is spread across different formats and locations.

Why we should care: For businesses involved in healthcare, this signifies a need to adapt and integrate AI to improve efficiencies and service delivery. Even for those outside the healthcare sector, observing these developments is important as it shows how AI can revolutionize information handling, customer service, and operational effectiveness. Don’t worry. I’ll keep you updated.

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🛠️ Tools & Resources

Blaze: Eliminate repetitive typing with templates that are inserted using keyboard shortcuts. Use ChatGPT on any site or app. Use AI to write emails, send messages, and write for you anywhere. (link).

Tappy: Add thoughtful comments to LinkedIn posts in one tap. Save time on sales prospecting and personal branding. (link).

Speechki: This easy-to-use plugin seamlessly connects with ChatGPT, providing realistic text-to-speech output. (link).

Visla: Video creation and chat platform that lets teams tell their stories using video. It has everything you need to create videos - recording, editing, and sharing features. (link).

Drippi: Automate personalized Twitter DMs and manage your inbox easily. It also shows you how well your messages are doing, so you can make better decisions and improve your results. (link).


Cold DM Tactics Using AI

Give me a cold DM that will use scarcity and urgency to make my [ideal customer persona] afraid of missing out on [product/service]. Offer them a limited-time offer or exclusive deal that they cannot resist.

Service = [Insert Here]

Ideal customer persona = [Insert Here]


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