Create a social media plan using ChatGPT

Outcome: to start posting consistently

Happy weekend prompters!

Yesterday, I launched the course that I’m working on.

I got a few replies asking what it is about exactly…

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • It’s a series of emails (with videos)

  • You’ll learn to save hours with ChatGPT and AI

  • You’ll learn how to create compelling content with ChatGPT

  • I’ll share my writing process with the help of ChatGPT

  • You’ll learn how I use Microsoft Bing for research (join the waitlist if you haven’t already)

The purpose of the course is to teach you how to leverage AI to save time.

If I can help your company save hours of time — that directly relates to more revenue for your company (and less stress too).

If that’s what you are looking for, you can buy the course at the early-bird price here. It’s likely to go up to $99 next week.

The Biggest Things In AI Recently

1️⃣ ChatGPT competitor, Anthropic, raises $300M (link)

Let’s get into the prompt for today… 👇

Prompt: Create a Social Media Calendar

Got a fun one for y’all today.

If you’re looking to build a social media following, consistency is very important.

I grew my account from zero to 230k+ followers in a few years and consistency is a big part of that.

But what if you’re struggling to find that consistency?

Building a content calendar can help…

Let’s say you run a B2B marketing automation software company.

And you don’t know what to post when…

Well, now you do…

The problem isn’t posting.

Every once in a while you’ll get an idea of what to post about.

But you won’t stay consistent.

This is a step toward consistency.

Try It For Yourself

Copy the prompt below:

Generate a creative social media content calendar for the next week for our B2B marketin gautomation software company on how companies can automate their marketing with our tool to get more customers.

👋 That’s it for today! see you tomorrow.