Create Games Using Prompts

PLUS: No More Apple Car, OpenAI’s Data Deal

Welcome humans, here’s your 3-minute recap (without the fluff):

  1. Google DeepMind’s Genie can generate interactive 2D video games from text or image prompts. → More here

  2. Apple has canceled Apple Car after over a decade of development. Employees will be moved to Apple's AI division. → More here

  3. Tumblr is in talks with Midjourney and OpenAI to provide training data from public posts. Tumblr plans to give the option to opt-out. → More here

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🛠️ Tools

GeoGebra - A free online math platform that makes learning and teaching math more engaging and effective (link)

Audyo - Generates human-quality AI voices by typing in a doc (link)

Chatsimple - It is a custom ChatGPT chatbot trained on your business made simple (link) - A free tool that uses generative AI to turn text into delightful images, with no limits (link)

📚 Resources

Putting AI into the hands of people with problems to solve (link)

AI call quiz: see if you can spot the sham audio of Trump and Biden (link)

OpenAI says New York Times 'hacked' ChatGPT to build copyright lawsuit (link)

How generative AI is revamping digital transformation to change how businesses scale (link)

The CEO of a $4 billion AI-powered business who helps companies hire talent around the world says globalization is ‘accelerating’ (link)

💰 Funding

Glean announces over $200M series D to accelerate secure deployment of generative AI in the enterprise (link)

Inkitt raises $37M to expand AI-enhanced content (link)

💼 Job Board

Machine Learning Engineer at Bloomreach (Remote)

Strategic Account Manager at ConcertAI (US)

🐦 Tweet Of The Day

🤖 Prompt Tutorial

Standing Out in the Crowd

Analyze the top three competitors in the [industry] and suggest unique selling points for a new business.

Industry = [Insert here]

💌 Etcetera

Interesting facts about the Brain

The greenest car in America is not an EV

Can you turn peanut butter into a diamond?

Historical conflicts from the Trojan War to Present

How to spot someone impersonating a police officer

The history of money: bartering to banknotes to bitcoin

Imagine getting only one sunset and one sunrise a year

15 breathtaking photos that show the beauty of our oceans

Why did ancient Egyptians sleep on pillows made of stone?

Take a guess, Which was invented first: the lighter or the match?

🗞️ News

Create games using prompts

Google's DeepMind has unveiled a new AI system, Genie, capable of generating interactive 2D video games from text or image prompts.

While the technology demonstrates significant progress in generative AI, Genie is still limited in terms of visual quality, and complexity of games it can create. Access is restricted for most users currently.

No more Apple Car

Apple has canceled its plans to build electric vehicles after over a decade of development work on the project, known internally as Project Titan.

While it spent billions on research, Apple determined the self-driving car was not commercially viable and that AI is a more promising area for its future efforts. Project Titan’s employees will be moved to Apple's AI division.

OpenAI’s data deal

Tumblr's owner Automattic is in talks with AI companies Midjourney and OpenAI to provide them with training data scraped from public posts on Tumblr and WordPress.

Automattic plans to launch a new setting allowing users to opt out of sharing data with third parties.

That’s all.

Stay curious, leaders!

- Mr. Prompts

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