How to never hit writer's block

I finally found a way...

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The Biggest Things In AI Recently

1️⃣ CEO of Jasper AI talks about how he built one of the hottest AI startups (link). Cool story

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Prompt: Never Hit Writer’s Block

have you ever experienced writer’s block?

you sit down to write about something.

you don’t know what to write about.

you don’t know where you should start.

that’s writer’s block.

a lot of people face it (you’re not alone).

i found a way to use A.I. to never experience writer’s block.

you can use A.I. driven writing tools like lex (free) and jasper (paid).

but let me show you my simple process in chatGPT to get started.

the trick:

ask ChatGPT for an outline.

the output from chatGPT is super useful.

now you have a brief outline of what you can talk about.

the issue with writer’s block is that they have no guidance. no starting point.

if you’re not in the flow, it’s difficult to get in the flow.

once you’re in the flow, it’s much easier to stay in the flow.'

so use A.I. to get into the flow.

hope this one was helpful.

Try It For Yourself

Copy the prompt below:

hey chatGPT. hope you're doing well today.
goal: write a blog post about utilising credit card points to get more first class tickets.
desired output from you: provide an outline for this blogpost with a sentence expanding on that point.

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