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How OctoAI Fuels the Next Generation of AI Applications

LLM Time Capsule, use cases and capabilities

Welcome back to Prompts Daily.

Today, we’ll give you access to the fastest and cheapest way you can access LLMs.

If you’d like to build with generative AI, you don’t want to miss today’s edition 👀

We’ll show you how you can future-proof your application by testing faster, cheaper models (for free).

With, OctoAI’s Text Gen Solution you can use powerful new language models without needing to be an expert.

They make them fast, affordable, and ready for real-world use.

Just 3 Lines of Code

And the most fun part is you can adopt open-source LLMs in just three lines of code.

This helps you migrate with ease and be growth-ready.

OctoAI is great because you can try out many models and easily switch to the one that is best for your app.

Fun Game: Trip Down LLM Memory Lane

OctoAI is always working on making the ecosystem better with new ideas.

Their Time Capsule product can help you stay updated with the latest innovations.

We all know that it’s pretty hard to catch up with everything that is happening in the GenAI space.

The GenAI models have been making waves for the past 8 months.

Here’s a quick summary (🤯):

Now it's time for you to catch up and reminisce about the best ones out there.

The time capsule not only educates but also entertains.

The OctoAI Advantage

With the flexible OctoAI architecture, all these models new and old can be instantly at your fingertips.

You get instant access to cutting-edge capabilities without weeks of infrastructure work.

OctoAI handles the optimization so you can focus on creating products powered by responsible AI.

Whether you need language, speech, vision or other AI capabilities, OctoAI has you covered with architecture.

For reading all the way here, we’d love to give you $10 free credit to start building today 👇

That’s all, team!

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*This deep dive was in partnership with OctoML