Gemini AI In Security Tools

PLUS: Unique AI Revenue Model, Meta’s New AI Launch

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Your most personal information (SSN, home address, contact details) is out there somewhere — in large databases being sold to the highest bidder.

How can you prevent it? Stay away from the internet (which we know isn’t going to happen) or actively remove your digital footprint.

Incogni is a personal data removal service that scrubs your personal information from the web — helping you prevent:

  • Identity theft and scammers taking out loans in your name.

  • Strangers from buying your information on search sites.

  • Robo callers from getting your number.

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⚡ Tools To Supercharge Your Productivity

Free! Ditch Boring Docs - Guidde creates stunning how-to videos and visual documentation in seconds (link)

Cargo - A customer data platform that helps revenue teams connect customer data sources and activate leads at scale to grow sales pipelines (link)

Leap - Helps to design, test, monitor, and deploy AI workflows to production in minutes (link)

ioni - An AI-powered customer support solution that automates responses to common questions (link)

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AI is transforming business research. How can AI research assistants help businesses gain a competitive advantage?

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💰 Funding

Guesty snaps up $130M at $900M valuation to help property managers list on Airbnb and beyond (link)

Cobot raises $100M to deploy collaborative robots for industrial applications (link)

💼 Job Board

Brand Marketing Specialist at CloudKitchens (US)

Staff Engineer- Machine Learning at Sumo Logic (Remote)

🐦 Tesla drove 1 billion miles:

🤖 Prompt Tutorial

Building a Loyal Subscriber Base

Identify the most effective strategies for rapidly growing an email list of [audience] subscribers while maintaining high engagement and avoiding spam complaints.

Audience = [Insert here]

💌 Etcetera

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How cell towers work to keep you connected

How to plan the road trip of your dreams using AI

Is New York City overdue for a major earthquake?

The moon likely turned itself inside out 4.2 billion years ago

The total eclipse shows us how important solar energy is to the US

In a first, international court upholds right to be safe from climate change

🗞️ Expanded News

Gemini AI in security tools

Google Cloud announced new security features for their Chrome Enterprise browser including enhanced access controls and threat protection.

They are also incorporating Gemini AI into security tools to help investigate threats efficiently. Gemini will provide recommendations, summaries, and natural language search across threat intelligence databases.

Unique AI revenue model

Poe, Quora’s AI chatbot platform, introduces a new revenue model for AI chatbot creators on their platform. Previously, creators could only earn a share of revenue if users subscribed to Poe's premium offerings.

The new model allows creators to set a price-per-message for their bots. This will enable creators to earn money each time a user messages one of their bots.

Meta’s new AI launch

Meta is planning to release Llama 3, the next version of its large language model, within the next month.

Llama 3 is expected to be more capable than previous versions, able to answer a wider range of questions more accurately. Meta hopes this will make its AI assistant more useful and popular with users.

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