Increase Conversions with These CTA Tips

Find out which CTAs work best for your new product and audience.

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The Biggest Things In AI Recently

1️⃣ AI startup Adept raises $350 million in fresh funding (link)

2️⃣ Chinese ChatGPT rival from search engine firm Baidu fails to impress (link)

Let’s get into the prompt for today… 👇

Prompt: CTA (call to action)

Most buttons emphasize action: “Sign Up”, “Start Trial” etc.

But only some emphasize value. For example, for a designing tool, the call to action could be “make your first design in minutes”

Buttons that emphasize "value" over "action" perform better in general.

But, how can I come up with these types of call to actions (CTAs) at scale?

You can do this quite easily using today’s prompt:

Pretty cool huh?

You can play around with the “Product” and replace it with your own and it’ll give you personalized responses.

Is this useful?

Try It For Yourself

Copy the prompt below:

Give me a few CTA (call to action) ideas for my new product.

Make sure they are eye catching, short and friendly.

Must emphasize "value" over "action".

Product: An AI wallpaper generator.

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👋 That’s it for today! see you tomorrow.