Google’s $1B Data Centers

PLUS: AI For Sales Teams, ChatGPT In iOS 18

Leader, welcome back. Today’s updates:

  • Get an AI Chatbot*: Automate tasks, boost productivity, and give yourself a competitive edge.

  • Google invests $1.08 billion to expand its data center campus in Finland, aiming for net zero emissions by 2030 (More)

  • Oliv unveils AI Copilot to automate tasks and boost sales team efficiency (More)

  • Apple and OpenAI plan to integrate ChatGPT into iOS 18, enhancing AI capabilities like auto-summarizing and voice transcription (More)

  • Tools to increase your productivity

  • Resources to help you learn and much more…


Fed up with endless to-do lists and feeling like a robot in your own business? Now you can break the cycle.

  • Automate repetitive tasks and boost your team's productivity with custom workflows.

  • Build AI-powered apps tailored to your specific needs, giving you a competitive edge.

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Productivity Tools

Chatsimple - Build your business AI agent powered by GPT-4o. Increase website engagement by 4X in two months. Generate 30% more qualified leads for businesses (link)

Anydo - Helps you easily manage your personal tasks, family projects, and team’s work all in one place (link)

Raycast - A powerful productivity tool that provides a unified interface for accessing various applications, commands, and AI-powered features on your Mac (link)

Capture - An all-in-one suite that provides content provenance, copyright protection, and monetization for digital media using C2PA and blockchain technology (link)

Useful Resources

EdX’s Artificial Intelligence course (link)

3 examples of AI transforming business processes (link)

How to translate any language quickly and accurately (link)

Google CEO Sundar Pichai on AI-powered search and the future of the web (link)

How four artists used AI to endlessly reimagine “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” (link)

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💰 Funding

Leya raises $10.5M for its AI lawyer assistant (link)

Overland AI secures $10M in seed funding to accelerate development of autonomous vehicle software for high-risk missions (link)

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Principal Industry Solutions Manager at Databricks (US)

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Google’s $1B data centers

Google is investing $1.08 billion to expand its data center campus in Finland, and to drive growth in its AI business across Europe.

The company plans to reuse the heat generated by the data center to provide heating for nearby buildings in the town of Hamina. Additionally, Google has set a target of achieving net zero emissions across its operations and supply chain by 2030.

AI for sales teams

Oliv has unveiled an AI Copilot tool designed to boost the efficiency and productivity of sales teams. The AI Copilot can automate conducting research on prospects, summarizing previous customer interactions, taking notes during meetings, and handling follow-up activities.

This frees up salespeople to focus more on the core aspects of their job - building relationships and closing deals.

ChatGPT in iOS 18

A report said that Apple and OpenAI are finalizing talks to have ChatGPT built into iOS 18.

The company will use its on-device AI processing to power new "generative AI" capabilities, such as auto-summarizing notifications, transcribing voice memos, and enhancing photo editing.

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