Google I/O 2024

PLUS: Cookie-Less Websites, Automating Call Centers

Leader, welcome back. Today’s updates:

  • Turn your kid into an Entrepreneur*: Launchpad turns 9-13-year-olds into CEOs of their own company, guiding them from idea to $500 in revenue

  • Google I/O 2024 will showcase AI advancements in Google Search, Maps, Android, and a new digital assistant called "Pixie" (More)

  • OpenAI strikes licensing deal with the magazine giant behind People (More)

  • Retell AI lets companies build ‘voice agents’ to answer phone calls (More)

  • Tools to increase your productivity

  • Resources to help you learn and much more…


Isaac and John, 13-year old twins, launched an agriculture gardening business, generating $800 in sales (and growing). 

Launchpad turns 9-13 year-olds into CEOs of their own company, guiding them from idea to $500 in revenue. These aren’t pity sales — this is real revenue from real businesses, solving real problems. 

Launchpad is like YC for kiddos. Space is limited.

🔗 Best Links

Productivity Tools

Free! Ditch Boring Docs*- Guidde creates stunning how-to videos and visual documentation in seconds (link)

DeskSense - Helps in problem-solving, code writing, and content creation across emails, replies, summaries, articles, blog posts, and social media (link)

Hopy copy - Writes better email campaigns, Uses AI to generate powerful content for hundreds of different email marketing campaigns (link)

FeedHive - Helps to create, schedule, publish, and easily manage your social media content at scale (link)

Useful Resources

Top 25 must-try Midjourney AI art styles (link)

A better way to control shape-shifting soft robots (link)

Battle of the AI bots: Copilot vs ChatGPT vs Gemini (link)

Media.Monks’ vision for enhancing media and marketing with AI (link)

Microsoft’s ‘Copilot for Finance’ aims to revolutionize the spreadsheet with AI (link)

P.S. You can still get The Ultimate ChatGPT Toolkit (no email opt-in).

Daily AI Challenge

Considering incorporating Al into research and development? Al can help by:

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💰 Funding

OptMyCare raised $3M for its clinically engineered AI platform to accelerate customer acquisition, refine the technology, and add key personnel (link)

Mimic raises $2.5M to challenge US robotics dominance with AI-driven humanoid hands (link)

💼 Job Board

Solutions Marketing Manager at Couchbase (US)

Machine Learning Engineer at Transcarent (Remote)

🐦 Text to 3D in 400 Milliseconds:

🔮 Mystery Link

This link could show you Elon Musk's business secrets, how to do a backflip, or anything in between.

🤖 Prompt Tutorial

Predictive Analytics in Finance

Design a comprehensive strategy for integrating predictive analytics into your [business]'s financial operations. Detail how predictive models can optimize budgeting, cash flow management, and financial risk assessment. Analyze how predictive analytics can identify market trends, customer behavior patterns, and investment opportunities to drive informed decision-making and maximize profitability within your specific industry and market niche. Consider potential challenges and implementation barriers, along with mitigation strategies to ensure successful adoption and sustainable growth.

Business: [Insert here]

💌 Etcetera

Help your kids start their own business 

Detailed history of American football

List of most-watched television broadcasts

10 Michelin-star restaurants you need to try

How to get water out of your phone speaker

Why people are falling in love with AI chatbots

Why climate change poses a significant challenge for banks

Boeing Starliner’s crew flight test delayed due to a valve problem

🗞️ Closing Updates

Google I/O 2024

Google's annual I/O developer conference is coming up on May 14th, and the focus will be squarely on AI. Google has been working on Gemini to showcase how it is integrating AI capabilities across its products like Search, Maps, and Android.

Google could potentially debut a more personal AI assistant called "Pixie" for Pixel devices.

Cookie-less Websites

OpenAI is exploring a licensing deal with Dotdash Meredith, the publisher behind magazines like People and InStyle. Under the deal, OpenAI will use Dotdash Meredith's content to train its AI models, while Dotdash Meredith will use OpenAI's models to enhance its ad-targeting product, D/Cipher.

The partnership aims to help Dotdash Meredith navigate the shift to a "cookie-less world" by making its ad targeting more granular and nuanced using AI.

Automating Call Centers

Retell AI, is a platform that allows companies to create AI-powered "voice agents" to answer customer phone calls and perform basic tasks like scheduling appointments.

The platform aims to help companies reduce costs and scale their call center operations by automating basic customer service tasks.

That’s all.

Stay curious, leaders!

- Mr. Prompts

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