Google’s Vlogger

PLUS: OpenAI’s AIs In Robots, Nvidia’s AI Certification

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Welcome humans, here’s your 3-minute recap (without the fluff):

  1. Google’s VLOGGER can turn a photo into a realistic avatar controlled by your voice → More here

  2. Figure partnered with OpenAI to develop AI for robots, enabling them to understand speech, have conversations, and respond to their environment → More here

  3. Nvidia launched a professional certification program to validate skills in large language models and creating AI art → More here

MM01 AI announces the US$ 1 million AI Agents Global Challenge

You know it, and we know it, it is all going to be about Agents. The future of AI is Agents, take part today in the challenge, build your future!

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🛠️ Tools

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Motion - AI that intelligently plans your day, schedules meetings, and builds the perfect to-do list (link)

Hypotenuse AI - Instantly transform keywords into blog articles, eCommerce content, and more (link)

Afforai - An AI chatbot that searches, summarizes, and translates info from multiple sources to produce trustworthy research (link)

📚 Resources

How AI can strengthen digital security (link)

Perplexity brings Yelp data to its chatbot (link)

Explore AI’s Potential in Higher Education and Research (link)

Thanks to generative AI, advertising’s business models will be reinvented (link)

How scammers use AI tools to file perfect-looking tax returns in your name (link)

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💰 Funding

HiLabs secures $39M in Series B funding to propel AI-driven data management solutions for healthcare entities (link)

Nanonets secures $29M in funding to produce an Autonomous AI Agent for back-office operations (link)

💼 Job Board

Global SA Leader, Telecom Vertical at Amazon Web Services (US)

Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Coinbase (Remote)

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💌 Etcetera

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SpaceX is reportedly building a network of spy satellites for US intelligence

Cities are sinking, and it’s making them more vulnerable to climate change

🗞️ News

Google’s Vlogger

Google has developed a new AI system called VLOGGER that can take a single photo and turn it into a realistic animated avatar. The avatar's facial expressions, lip movements, and body language are controlled in real-time by the user's voice.

While currently just a research project, VLOGGER could potentially enable new forms of virtual communication, like translating videos or powering virtual assistants.

OpenAI’s AIs in robots

Figure has partnered with OpenAI to develop AI models for humanoid robots, combining OpenAI's research with Figure's robotics expertise.

Using OpenAI's language models, Figure 01 can now understand speech, have conversations, and respond to visual cues in its environment.

Nvidia’s AI certification

NVIDIA has introduced a new professional certification program focused on generative AI.

The certification aims to help developers and professionals validate and demonstrate their skills with large language models and multimodal generative workflows. It will be available starting at NVIDIA's GTC conference in March.

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Stay curious, leaders!

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