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Huawei's Strategic Shift: Prioritizing AI Development Over Bestselling Phones

Huawei prioritizes AI chip Ascend 910B production over Mate 60 smartphones due to high domestic demand, highlighting its focus on AI innovation.

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In a strategic pivot that signals a bold bet on the future of technology, Huawei is adjusting its manufacturing priorities to boost the production of its AI-focused Ascend 910B chip, taking precedence over producing its Mate 60 smartphones in certain facilities. This shift is driven by an escalating domestic demand for the Ascend chips, essential in AI model training, coupled with the current low production volumes at the plant. 

Despite the Mate 60 series propelling Huawei to surpass Apple in phone sales within China in 2023, the company is significantly emphasizing AI, underscoring its pivotal role in Huawei's vision for technological advancement and innovation.

A Bold Move Toward the Future

Huawei just retasked a factory to prioritize AI over its bestselling phone

Huawei's decision to repurpose one of its essential manufacturing facilities, previously dedicated to producing its flagship Mate phones, to focus on AI development is a bold statement of its long-term vision. The facility will now prioritize the production of Ascend chips, which are essential components in AI computing. This pivot is not just a change in product lineup; it represents a significant realignment of Huawei's strategic focus towards enhancing its capabilities in the burgeoning field of AI.

The move is particularly noteworthy given the Mate series' success in the global smartphone market. However, Huawei's leadership sees AI as critical for future growth and innovation. By investing in AI technology, Huawei aims to solidify its position as a leader in the tech industry, driving advancements that could redefine consumer electronics, telecommunications, and various other sectors.

Huawei's shift towards AI comes when the company faces significant challenges, including international trade restrictions impacting its smartphone business. These challenges have necessitated a strategic reassessment, with AI offering a new avenue for growth and leadership in the global tech landscape. Huawei's investment in AI, particularly in developing its Ascend chips, indicates its commitment to overcoming obstacles and leading through innovation.

The focus on AI also aligns with global trends, where AI and machine learning have increasingly become integral to solving complex problems, enhancing productivity, and creating new opportunities across industries. Huawei's initiative to prioritize AI over smartphone production is a testament to its agile response to the evolving technological landscape and its potential to shape future trends.

A Strategic Realignment with Global Implications

Huawei's decision has far-reaching implications, not just for the company but for the global tech industry. By prioritizing AI, Huawei is positioning itself as a key player in developing technologies that could define the next generation of digital transformation. This strategic realignment also highlights the importance of flexibility and innovation in sustaining leadership in the highly competitive tech sector.

Moreover, Huawei's focus on AI underscores the critical role of technology companies in driving advancements that can address global challenges, improve efficiency, and enhance the quality of life. As AI technology continues to evolve, Huawei's early investment and focus on developing its AI capabilities are poised to offer the company a competitive edge.


Huawei's strategic pivot from producing its bestselling Mate smartphones to prioritizing AI development marks a significant milestone. This decision reflects Huawei's commitment to innovation and its vision for the future of technology. As the company embarks on this new path, the tech industry watches closely, anticipating the innovations and advancements that Huawei's focus on AI will bring to the world. In prioritizing AI, Huawei is not just adapting to the changing technological landscape but seeking to redefine it, signaling a new era of tech leadership and innovation.