$1 Billion Price Tag

PLUS: Investigation Of AI Companies, AI On Encrypted Data

Leader, welcome back. Today’s updates:

  • No more boring screen recordings*: This free tool can instantly turn screen recordings into beautiful visual guides in almost any language

  • Humane is reportedly trying to sell itself to HP for $1 billion (More)

  • DOJ investigates Microsoft, Nvidia, and OpenAI over AI market roles (More)

  • Opaque Systems launches Confidential AI Platform for encrypted data (More)

  • Tools to increase your productivity

  • Resources to help you learn and much more…


Guidde helps you explain the most complex tasks in seconds with AI-generated documentation.

Click capture, AI will generate step-by-step video guides with visuals, voiceover, and call to actions.

The best part? Guidde’s extension is 100% free.


Productivity Tools

Gamma - Helps to write beautiful, engaging content with none of the formatting and design work (link)

Vizologi - An AI-powered business intelligence platform to generate ideas, gain market insights, and automate business plan creation (link)

Text Blaze - A powerful text expander that can help you save time and eliminate repetitive typing (link)

MediaFlows - A low-code platform that developers use to automate visual media-related workflows in minutes (link)

Useful Resources

Course: Microsoft AI School (link)

How can we meet the AI moment? (link)

20 AI coding tools and assistants to know (link)

How AI is transforming the manufacturing industry (link)

How small businesses can use AI for content creation (link)

P.S. You can still get The Ultimate ChatGPT Toolkit (no email opt-in).


In market research, what is a key benefit of using AI?

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💰 Funding

Tektonic AI raises $10M to build GenAI agents for automating business operations (link)

AirMDR raises $5M for AI-powered managed detection and response (link)

💼 Job Board

Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Reddit (Remote)

Principal Product Marketing at Amazon Web Services (US)

🐦 Perplexity Pages:

🔮 Mystery Link

This link could show you Elon Musk's business secrets or how to do a backflip or anything in between.


Precautions In Banking

Amidst the bank crash of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), founders are increasingly wary about where to deposit their hard-earned funding money. Craft a comprehensive guide detailing the essential precautions founders should take before entrusting their funds to any financial institution. Consider factors such as bank stability, regulatory compliance, insurance coverage, and alternative investment options to safeguard their capital and ensure financial security for their ventures.


Create tutorials in multiple languages

10 forgotten allies in World War II

9 ways your home may be spying on you

7 fun facts about London you never know

25 awesome unusual facts about the moon

How homicide rates by U.S. state have changed since 2012

Watch a meteor’s incredible light show above Spain and Portugal

SpaceX’s fourth Starship test is the first one to reach splashdown

How ancient Sparta’s harsh military system trained boys into fierce warriors

Why was ancient roman concrete so durable? MIT discovers 'self-healing' ingredient


$1 billion price tag

Humane is reportedly trying to sell itself to HP for $1 billion.

This comes after the company's $699 AI Pin wearable device received poor reviews and failed to meet its 100,000 unit sales target, only reaching 10,000 orders.

Investigation of AI companies

The U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission have decided to investigate leading AI companies Microsoft, Nvidia, and OpenAI.

The antitrust enforcers are looking into these companies' roles in the rapid growth of artificial intelligence technology.

AI Workloads on Encrypted Data

Opaque Systems has released a new Confidential AI Platform that allows enterprises to securely run a wide range of AI workloads on encrypted data.

This platform supports popular AI languages and frameworks like Python and Spark, enabling companies to accelerate their AI adoption without compromising data privacy and security.

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