Intel’s AI Brain

PLUS: YouTube’s Chatbot, Instant AI Images

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  • No more SEO hustle*: Now you can generate leads with AI & build sustainable sales growth.

  • Intel unveils AI brain: Hala Point, the world's largest neuromorphic computer designed to mimic the human brain, achieving 50x faster AI workloads and 100x lower energy use

  • YouTube launches AI chatbot: Viewers to ask questions, get summaries, and translate educational videos in real-time

  • WhatsApp’s AI images: US that allows users to create high-quality images with text in real time using prompts

  • Tools to increase your productivity

  • Resources to help you learn and much more…

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📚 Resources to Help You Learn

How to use Copilot in Word (link)

Building data fabric for winning Gen AI products (link)

The best free AI professional headshot generators in 2024 (link)

How a Blue Cross executive wants to use AI in health insurance (link)

Google’s new report on AI's opportunity for developing countries (link)

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💰 Funding

Anvilogic closes $45M series C to grow adoption of its AI-based multi-data platform SIEM (link)

Opaliris raised $2.5M in pre-seed funding to develop its AI-powered virtual makeup try-on technology (link)

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Specialist Sales Rep, SAP at Amazon Web Services (US)

Machine Learning Engineer, PhD Intern at Instacart (US)

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Top 10 religious architectural marvels

6 things you didn’t know had expiration dates

Coal train pollution increases health risks and disparities

E-tongue can detect white wine spoilage before humans can

Oklahoma City plans to have the country’s tallest skyscraper

How to see a huge ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ star explosion this year

For the first time in one billion years, two lifeforms truly merged into one organism

🗞️ Expanded News

Intel’s AI brain

Intel has unveiled the world's largest neuromorphic computer, called Hala Point, which is designed to mimic the human brain.

Powered by 1,152 of Intel's new Loihi 2 processors, Hala Point comprises 1.15 billion artificial neurons and 128 billion artificial synapses across 140,544 processing cores.

This large-scale neuromorphic system can perform AI workloads 50 times faster and use 100 times less energy than conventional computing systems.

YouTube’s chatbot

YouTube introduced a new AI-powered chatbot feature called the "Ask" button. This feature allows users to ask questions about a video in real-time without pausing the video.

The chatbot can provide summaries, discuss specific sections, and even translate educational videos into simpler language. The feature is currently available only to YouTube Premium users in the US.

Meta’s super-fast image generation

Meta is adding a new real-time AI image generation feature to WhatsApp for users in the US. Powered by Meta Llama 3, can produce sharper and higher quality images, including with text.

When you start typing a text-to-image prompt in a chat with Meta's AI assistant, you'll see the generated image update in real-time as you provide more details about what you want to create.

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