Meta's GPU Budget

PLUS: Anthropic's New Subscription, AI In Filmmaking

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The state and future of AI gadgets (link)

10 best midjourney V6 AI art prompts you should try (link)

Google to invest $1 billion to expand data centers, AI training (link)

Natural language boosts LLM performance in coding, planning, and robotics (link)

Building reliable systems using AI/LLM agents, starting with simple prompts and using an evaluation system to improve them (link)

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CoreWeave raises $1.1B to expand its GPU cloud infrastructure network (link)

AiDash raised $58.5M in Series C to boost climate resilience in infrastructure with AI and satellite tech (link)

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🗞️ Closing Updates

Bigger than a space mission

Meta has spent a staggering $30 billion to obtain over 1 million NVIDIA GPUs to train their AI models.

This amount is larger than the entire budget for the Apollo Moon Mission, which cost around $26 billion in the 1960s and 70s.

Anthropic in iOS

Anthropic is launching a new premium "Team" plan that provides businesses with higher-priority access to Anthropic's advanced Claude 3 AI model, along with admin and user management controls.

Anthropic is also releasing a new iOS app that will allow users to access the Claude 3 AI

AI in filmmaking

Runway AI Inc. held its second annual AI Film Festival in Los Angeles. The festival featured 10 short films made using a range of AI tools, which looked much more like professional films compared to the more experimental films shown at last year's festival.

AI is speeding up the transition from AI being a "quirky novelty" to a "useful tool for filmmakers."

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