Microsoft's Flood of AI Announcements

PLUS: Youtube’s AI Beatboxing, Spotify Is Using Google Services

Dear industry leader, here’s your 3-minute recap (without the fluff):

  • Microsoft Teams with Google, Nvidia: Enhancing AI collaboration with new partnerships and cutting-edge AI chips.

  • YouTube's AI Music Magic: Testing AI tools to transform beatboxing into instrumental tracks, cloning famous artists' styles.

  • Spotify Taps Google AI: Innovating podcast and audiobook discovery to revolutionize user experience.

  • New Tools, Funding Updates & Job Postings

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🛠️ Tools

Glean - Search across all your company’s apps to find exactly what you need. AI-powered workplace search. (link)

1440 - Skip biased news and get the free 1440 daily digest. Politics, business, culture, etc. Sign up. (link)

Notion AI - Automate repetitive tasks, improve writing and spark creativity while keeping your data private. (link)

Spiritme - AI-video platform for creating personalized videos with digital avatars. (link)

📚 Resources

Top 10 ChatGPT prompts for HR professionals. (link)

Utilizing AI-powered tools to streamline sales efforts. (link)

How to write AI prompts for e-commerce brand content. (link)

5 AI-powered tools to boost project management skills. (link)

LinkedIn made easy: 5 ChatGPT prompts to make powerful connections. (link)

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🗞️ News 

Microsoft’s AI announcements

Microsoft announced new partnerships with Google and Nvidia to improve data sharing and AI model development across platforms, as well as new hardware and software from Microsoft like AI chips called Maia and Cobalt and expanded capabilities for their AI assistant Copilot.

Youtube’s AI beatboxing

YouTube is testing new AI-generated music tools, including a feature called Dream Track that can clone the style of famous artists like Charlie Puth and T-Pain to generate short songs, provided the artist’s consent. It also develops tools to turn humming, beatboxing, or MIDI input into instrumental tracks.

Spotify & Google

Spotify is leveraging Google Cloud's AI tools to enhance podcast, audiobook discovery and recommendations, aiming to address the industry-wide discovery challenge and enhance user experience.

💰 Funding

Aigen raises $12 million to build solar-powered robots for crop management (link)

BioPhy secured a $4.5M investment to launch an AI platform to accelerate drug development (link)

💼 Job Board

Product Marketing Director at Oracle (US)

Machine Learning Engineer for Audio at Hugging Face (Remote)

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