GPT-4 For Government

PLUS: AI For Financial Analysts, Restricted ChatGPT

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  • Microsoft tests secure, air-gapped GPT-4 for government use that has no access to the internet (More)

  • Daloopa's AI automates data entry for financial analysts, saving them time for analysis (More)

  • OpenAI reveals guidelines for ChatGPT, prioritizing developer intent over direct answers (More)

  • Tools to increase your productivity

  • Resources to help you learn and much more…


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Productivity Tools

Free! Ditch Boring Docs*- Guidde creates stunning how-to videos and visual documentation in seconds (link)

Manychat - Automate interactive conversations with your customers in Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, and SMS to grow your brand (link)

Brand24 - Helps you measure your brand awareness, analyze competitors, and discover customer insights (link)

Zeda - An AI tool for B2B & SaaS, uncovers customer problems, guides data-driven decisions, and shapes impactful roadmaps to boost revenue and align teams (link)

Useful Resources

Bay Area Times - Get curated business, finance, and tech updates delivered to your workspace in under 5 minutes (link)

AI phone agents - 8 startups you should know (link)

5 Online businesses that make money using AI (link)

"Get on the Train," NVIDIA CEO Says at ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2024 (link)

How Brilliant Labs CEO is creating a “symbiosis of humanity and artificial intelligence” (link)

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💰 Funding

Paris-based Holistic raises $200 million to develop AI model (link)

Rad AI closes $50 million to empower physicians with AI (link)

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Digital Marketing Strategist at Qualcomm (US)

Computer Vision Engineer at Samsara (Remote)

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🤖 Prompt Tutorial

Enhancing Customer Engagement

Explore strategies and techniques for enhancing customer engagement across various industries, considering both online and offline channels. Provide insights into effective methods for fostering meaningful interactions, building loyalty, and driving customer satisfaction. Discuss innovative approaches, case studies, and best practices that businesses can leverage to create memorable experiences and strengthen relationships with their customers.

💌 Etcetera

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A fisherman found a 152-year-old shipwreck with his kid, thought it was nothing special, and kept fishing

🗞️ Closing Updates

GPT-4 for Government

Microsoft has deployed a GPT-4 large language model in an isolated, "air-gapped" environment on a government-only network.

The model is "static" and does not learn from the files it processes or the wider web. It is currently live and answering questions, including writing code, but has not yet been approved for use with top-secret government data by agencies like the Pentagon.

AI for financial analysts

Daloopa aims to automate the data entry and organization processes for financial analysts. It has developed algorithms to extract and structure data from financial reports and investor presentations.

This allows analysts to spend less time manually inputting data and more time on analysis and research.

Restricted ChatGPT

OpenAI is offering a rare glimpse into the high-level rules and guidelines that govern the behavior of ChatGPT.

These models don't have natural limits on what they can say, so OpenAI has developed specific instructions to constrain them - prioritizing the developer’s intent over simply providing direct answers.

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