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🌐 How To Use Notion AI To Be More Productive

AI productivity hacks, use cases and prompts

Welcome back to Prompts Daily.

This Sunday, I want you to sit back, relax, and enjoy this deep dive into my AI-powered note-taking system.

We’ll cover these 3 use cases that you won’t want to miss:

  • Creating action items from meeting notes

  • Improving your sales copy

  • Making mermaid charts

My workspace lies in Notion. It's a free app that combines all my to-dos, notes, outlines, tutorials, and team documents.

Let’s get into it 👇

🧠 Note: New to Notion? You can download it for free here. It’s loved by 30M+ users around the world (and we love it too 🙂)

How to add Notion AI

Firstly, to access Notion AI, you need to add it to your free Notion plan through Settings > Billing:

Done? Now let’s get into each use case one by one.

1. Creating action items from meeting notes

Creating actionable meeting notes can be a pain.

It's time-consuming to manually identify and document all the key tasks and deliverables, and it's easy to miss something important.

But Notion's action item feature solves this problem with a few simple clicks.

Notion uses AI to automatically generate a list of action items from your meeting notes.

All you have to do is click a button, and Notion will take care of the rest. It's that easy.

Here’s the result:

This feature is a game-changer for teams of all sizes.

It saves time and effort, reduces errors, improves accountability, and centralizes all meeting notes and action items in one place.

If you want to create meeting summaries from your notes, click here.

2. Improving your sales copy

Writing effective sales copy is essential for converting leads into customers.

But it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if you're not a professional copywriter.

Notion AI can help you to improve your sales copy quickly and easily.

Simply paste your existing sales copy into a Notion page and ask Notion AI to generate suggestions for improvement.

Notion AI will analyze your copy and identify areas where you can improve clarity, conciseness, and persuasion.

For example, here is Notion AI’s sales copy.

The AI-Powered All-in-One Workspace

Notion AI is a powerful new tool that combines the power of Notion, the all-in-one workspace, with the power of AI. With Notion AI, you can:

- Generate text, translate languages, write different kinds of creative content, and answer your questions in an informative way.

- Automate your workflow with AI-powered features like email generation, data summarization, and task management.

- Collaborate with others more effectively with AI-powered features like real-time translation and team insights.

Use this prompt to make this ad copy better:

You are adept at creating ad copy for clarity, conciseness, and persuasion. Your task is to make the ad copy as clear as possible for the readers to understand. Highlight the great qualities of the product, but don't go overboard with hyperbole. Instead, focus on the benefits that the product offers to the customer.

Here’s the result:

The revised copy is more concise, persuasive, and actionable.

It also includes a stronger call to action.

Notion AI is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to improve their sales copy.

It's easy to use and it can help you to write more effective sales copy in less time.

3. Making mermaid charts

Flowcharts are a powerful tool for visualizing complex processes and systems.

They are often used by engineers, project managers, and other professionals to communicate ideas and plans.

Notion now supports Mermaid, a popular open-source markup language for creating flowcharts.

This means that you can easily create and edit flowcharts directly in Notion, without having to use a separate flowcharting tool.

To create a flowchart in Notion, create a new page, and insert a Mermaid code block.

Use this code to create a simple Mermaid flowchart:

flowchart LR


%% Goals & Projects %%
G[(Goals)] <===> |Connect To| P[(Projects)]


%% Deadline %%
P ---o |Has| PD(Deadline)

PD ---x |Is| MT([Met])

PD ---- |Is| OV([Overdue])
OV ---> |Push| OVF{4 Days}

%% Tasks %%
P ---o |Has| PT(Tasks)
PT ---x |Is| IC([Incomplete])
PT ---- |Is| C([Complete])
C ---> |Needs| R[[Review]]

%% Review & Goals %%
R -..-> |Creates New| G

Here is the result:

You can use Mermaid to create more complex flowcharts by adding more nodes and edges, as well as by using different types of nodes and edges.

Mermaid charts can help create flowcharts of complex systems or project planning diagrams.

The possibilities are endless.

Notion's support for Mermaid makes it a valuable tool for engineers, project managers, business analysts, students, and anyone else who needs to create diagrams.

If you're new to Mermaid charts, check out this awesome resource to learn more.

These are just a few of the ways Notion can be used in your business

Each use case can solve real pain points and make work more efficient.

Notion is designed in a way for you to be more productivity-focused and can help you create summaries of your notes, automate database updates, and so much more.

Bonus Use Cases…

If you enjoyed this, here are some more resources you’ll want to check out:

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  • Cold outreach (link).

  • Making social media captions (link).

  • Writing code and documentation (link).

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That’s all, team!

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That’s it for now :)

Stay curious, leaders!

- Mr. Prompts

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