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PLUS: Smartphones AI Chips, Siri Will Control Apps

Leader, welcome back. Today’s updates:

  • Create AI apps in minutes*: The fastest, most customizable, and easy-to-use developing tool

  • Nvidia introduces NIM, a platform to deploy AI apps in minutes (More)

  • Arm Holdings reveals new chip designs to boost smartphone AI capabilities (More)

  • Apple plans a Siri update to control app functions via voice in iOS 18 (More)

  • Tools to increase your productivity

  • Resources to help you learn and much more…


Navigator, the AI IDE, empowers both devs and business teams to:

  • Drag-and-drop to create apps: Create AI apps in minutes 

  • Deploy anywhere: Edge, cloud, or hybrid - your choice.

  • Accelerate projects: Train and tune models in record time.

  • Control your data: Train on-premise for ultimate privacy.

1 stop to create, optimize & deploy your apps. 


Productivity Tools

AI & ChatGPT Mini Crash Course* - Eliminate workplace burnout & save 8+ hours every day. Learn 20+ AI tools, prompting techniques & hacks for free (first 100 people only)

Appen* - Evaluate AI responses and help us build better models. Work from anywhere in the US.

Taskade AI - A comprehensive AI-powered productivity platform that integrates five distinct tools to enhance team collaboration and efficiency (link)

Pickaxe - A no-code platform that lets you create and embed GPT-4 apps on your website in minutes (link)

Useful Resources

Last week's AI highlights summed up (link)

Best AI design tools for new designers (link)

Course: Intellipaat's Artificial Intelligence (link)

How to use ChatGPT to Rank #1 in Google (link)

Copilot AI vs Apollo AI: Best AI tool for sales (link)

P.S. You can still get The Ultimate ChatGPT Toolkit (no email opt-in).


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💰 Funding

Oslo-based IrisAI raises $8.2M to use AI language models to accelerate scientific research processing (link)

Kintsugi lands $6M Series A to simplify tax compliance with AI-powered automation (link)

💼 Job Board

Solutions Consultant at Adobe (US)

Data Scientist at Outstaff Your Team (Remote)

🐦 Efficiency in Excel:

🔮 Mystery Link

This link could show you Elon Musk's business secrets or how to do a backflip or anything in between.


Building a Culture of Accountability in Teams

Explore the significance of fostering a culture of accountability within teams. Consider the impact on productivity, collaboration, and overall team dynamics. Discuss strategies and approaches for cultivating accountability at both individual and collective levels, drawing from real-world examples and best practices.

Consider: [Insert here]


Create & launch AI apps in minutes

25 highest IQs throughout history

11 US National Parks where you can find fossils

Can brightening clouds buy us time to fight climate change?

Trees, bushes near highways can significantly reduce air pollution

US wildfires threaten nearly 80 million properties as climate risks grow

Billionaire who booked a SpaceX flight around the Moon cancels after delays

Why the spread of organic farms may prompt growers to use more pesticide, not less

Obsidian blades with food traces reveal 1st settlers of Rapa Nui had regular contact with South Americans 1,000 years ago


AI apps in minutes

Nvidia has unveiled its Nvidia NIM (Nvidia inference microservices) platform, which allows developers to easily build and deploy generative AI applications in minutes!

NIM dramatically helps developers add generative AI capabilities like text, image, and video generation to applications.

AI chips in the smartphones

Arm Holdings has unveiled new chip designs and software tools to enhance smartphone AI capabilities.

The company has modified its approach to deliver manufacturing-ready chip blueprints, collaborating with major players like Samsung and TSMC.

Siri will control apps

Apple is planning a major update for Siri to allow users to control individual functions within apps using just their voice.

The revamp is part of Apple's broader effort to catch up to competitors like Amazon and Google.

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