Nvidia Reached $2 Trillion

PLUS: US & China Are Talking, Humane’s Compensation

Welcome humans, here’s your 3-minute recap (without the fluff):

  • Nvidia hits $2 trillion market cap, plans new GPU

  • US & China talk to develop responsible AI

  • Humane AI Pin shipping delay, offering free subscription

  • New tools, funding updates & job postings

  • Etcetera

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🛠️ Tools

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Nara - an Al-powered digital sales associate that helps your online store sell more and keep clients happy on all chat channels (link)

Dextra - An AI-powered sales assistant that can help you save time and close more deals (link)

Mubert - An AI-driven platform that empowers you to craft personalized soundtracks and tunes that match your vibe (link)

📚 Resources

Reddit aims to ride the AI wave by going public (link)

Where to go next with AI business communication services in 2024 (link)

The company providing AI servers to Nvidia soars by 201% in 2024 so far (link)

Google says its AI image-generator would sometimes ‘overcompensate’ for diversity (link)

Revolutionizing telecommunications with AI-powered customer and employee experiences (link)

🗞️ News

Nvidia reached $2 trillion

Nvidia has become the third US company to reach a $2 trillion market capitalization, after Apple and Microsoft. The company's revenue has increased 126% year-over-year to a record $60.9 billion in 2023.

It plans to release the next generation of its powerful GPU in Q2 2024 and expand into custom AI chips for other companies through a new $30 billion business.

US & China

The US and China have agreed to hold talks to establish a framework for the responsible development of AI. China views AI as crucial for becoming a global leader while the US aims to maintain its dominance.

The upcoming talks are hoped to address important issues like acceptable military uses of AI, data sharing standards, and collaborative approaches.

Humane’s way of compensation

Humane's AI Pin has experienced a small shipping delay. Orders that were originally scheduled to ship in March will now ship starting in mid-April.

To compensate for the delay, Humane will provide three free months of the $24 monthly subscription service required to use the Pin's features to all customers who purchase a Pin before March 31st.

💰 Funding

China’s Moonshot AI zooms to $2.5B valuation, raising $1B for an LLM focused on long context (link)

Recogni raises $102M to develop AI inference chip (link)

💼 Job Board

Customer Success Manager at Bolster (US)

Staff Machine Learning Engineer at Torc Robotics (Remote)

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