OpenAI’s Next Big AI

PLUS: South Korea & U.S., Apple’s AI Project

Leader, welcome back. Today’s updates:

  • Get an AI Chatbot*: Automate tasks, boost productivity, and give yourself a competitive edge.

  • OpenAI establishes a new safety committee and starts training its next flagship AI model aimed at advancing AGI (More)

  • South Korea and NYU to create a joint AI research lab for global-level AI projects (More)

  • Apple to showcase Project Greymatter, integrating advanced AI in Safari, Photos, and Notes (More)

  • Tools to increase your productivity

  • Resources to help you learn and much more…


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  • Automate repetitive tasks and boost your team's productivity with custom workflows.

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Productivity Tools

Emma AI - Build tailored AI assistants effortlessly with GPT-3.5, seamlessly integrating with various platforms for enhanced productivity and data control (link)

Capsule - An AI-powered video editor for content and marketing teams (link)

Twill - An intelligent digital health platform for businesses (link)

FuturePlan - A premier retirement TPA offers innovative plans to maximize savings for advisors, sponsors, and self-employed owners (link)

Useful Resources

What a generative AI iPhone could look like (link)

5 things you should know about AI and voluntary benefits (link)

Generative AI demystified: what it really means for business (link)

Top 10 professional AI tools every marketer should know about (link)

What Is an AI Anyway? By Mustafa Suleyman, CEO of Microsoft AI (link)

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In terms of customer personalization strategies, what does AI facilitate?

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💰 Funding

Elon Musk’s xAI raises $6B to fund its race against ChatGPT and all the rest (link)

Atropos Health secures $33M series B funding to enhance generative AI in healthcare (link)

💼 Job Board

Sales @ Prompts Daily (Remote)

Marketing & Partnerships Operations Specialist at Modulate (US)

Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Tubi (Remote)

🐦 AI in Figma:

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Building A Customer Loyalty Program

Create a comprehensive customer loyalty program proposal for a [company] that aims to increase customer retention, enhance brand loyalty, and drive repeat purchases. Consider factors such as program structure, rewards tiers, engagement strategies, and metrics for measuring success. Outline how the program aligns with the company's brand identity and values while catering to the needs and preferences of its target audience.

Company: [Insert here]


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OpenAI’s Next Big AI

OpenAI has announced two major developments. First, the company has set up a new safety and security committee chaired by Bret Taylor and includes other directors as well as CEO Sam Altman.

Secondly, OpenAI has begun training a new flagship AI model that is intended to be the "next frontier" and bring their capabilities to the "next level" on the path towards artificial general intelligence (AGI).

South Korea & U.S.

South Korea's science ministry announced that it will create a joint AI research lab with New York University (NYU) in the US.

The research organization will invite experts from both Seoul and Washington to collaborate on global-level AI research projects, facilitating cooperation between South Korea and the United States.

Apple’s AI Project

Apple's WWDC 2024 event is expected to showcase the company's ambitious AI initiative called Project Greymatter, which aims to integrate advanced AI capabilities across Apple's core applications like Safari, Photos, and Notes such as improving photo editing, transcribing voice notes, providing smart replies.

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