OpenAI x Reddit

PLUS: Microsoft’s Cloud Computing, ChatGPT & Google Drive

Leader, welcome back. Today’s updates:

  • Automate while optimizing your business*: Build skills & strategies as business owners to leverage AI for smarter decisions, and smoother workflow.

  • OpenAI partners with Reddit to use posts and comments for AI training (More)

  • Microsoft offers AMD AI chips for cloud computing customers as an alternative to Nvidia GPUs (More)

  • OpenAI updates ChatGPT to import files from Google Drive and OneDrive for Plus, Team, and Enterprise users (More)

  • Tools to increase your productivity

  • Resources to help you learn and much more…


Build skills & strategies as business owners to leverage AI for smarter decisions, and smoother workflow that boosts your business operations.

You can:

  • Discover how AI can streamline your workflows, free up your time, and boost your bottom line.

  • Learn to identify tasks ripe for automation and choose the right AI tools for your unique needs.

  • Get your hands dirty with practical strategies for implementing and measuring AI success in your business.

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Productivity Tools

Superhuman - A productivity-boosting email platform that helps teams work faster and more efficiently, now 1 months free (link)

Kixie - Helps you easily automate calling & texting for sales teams (link)

Athina AI - Manage LLMs in production by detecting and fixing hallucinations while efficiently managing prompts, all in a single interface (link)

Symbolab - A powerful online math solver that can help you tackle any math problem, from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus (link)

Useful Resources

Top 10 most influential women in AI (link)

Here's how you can use AI to conquer multitasking (link)

The big idea: should we all be putting chips in our brains? (link)

Startup accelerates progress toward light-speed computing (link)

‘He checks in on me more than my friends and family’: can AI therapists do better than the real thing? (link)

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AI can optimize supply chains by:

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💰 Funding

CoreWeave secures $7.5 billion to expand AI infrastructure (link)

Kudos lands $10M for an AI smart wallet that picks the best credit card for purchases (link)

💼 Job Board

Sales @ Prompts Daily (Remote)

Senior AI/ML Cloud Sales Specialist at Oracle (US)

Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Samsara (Remote)

🐦 All about Google I/O:

🔮 Mystery Link

This link could show you Elon Musk's business secrets, how to do a backflip, or anything in between.


Setting Quarterly Goals and KPIs.

Develop clear, actionable, and measurable quarterly goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) that are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of your business. Ensure these goals align with your overall strategy, address current challenges, and capitalize on opportunities for growth. Define specific targets, establish timelines, and outline the metrics you will use to track progress and measure success.

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The 7 wonders of the solar system

How to help kids manage math anxiety?

Top 10 countries most in debt to the IMF

Neural network trained on ‘Friends’ can recognize sarcasm

A massive cotton candy-like exoplanet stumps astronomers

Microsoft ramps up plans to capture carbon from burning wood

Radical new discovery could double the speed of existing computers

Oldest living creature on Earth identified, emerging 700 million years ago

Countries where youth are the most unhappy, relative to older generations


OpenAI x Reddit

OpenAI has reached a deal to use Reddit's data, including posts and comments, to train its AI models. This will give OpenAI access to "real-time, structured and unique content" from Reddit.

The partnership will also see Reddit building on OpenAI's platform of AI models to improve the user experience for its users.

Microsoft’s cloud computing options

Microsoft announced that it will offer its cloud computing customers a platform of AMD's AI chips as an alternative to the powerful but in-demand graphics processing units (GPUs) made by Nvidia.

Microsoft will provide details on this new offering at its upcoming Build developer conference.

ChatGPT pulls from Google Drive

OpenAI has updated ChatGPT to allow users to import files directly from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

This new capability is available to ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise subscribers, and works with both the new GPT-4o model as well as older models.

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