OpenAI In Hollywood

PLUS: Nvidia & Pure Storage, Tesla’s 1-Month Free Trial

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  1. OpenAI is showcasing its video-generating AI "Sora" in Hollywood. Potential uses include special effects, but concerns exist about audience reception → More here

  2. Nvidia and Pure Storage unveil new AI tools to manage data and computing needs. This includes optimized storage solutions for Nvidia's GPUs → More here

  3. Tesla offers a free 1-month trial of its Full Self-Driving software. FSD remains a Level 2 driver assistance system, requiring user attention → More here

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📚 Resources

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Adobe’s new GenStudio platform is an AI factory for advertisers (link)

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💰 Funding

Viam announces $45M series B funding for revolutionary software platform accelerating AI (link)

Borderless AI raised $27M to bring world's first AI agent to HR space (link)

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Machine Learning Engineer at Dropbox (Remote)

Prime Named Account Executive at Salesforce (US)

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List out the things companies look for when interviewing for [role] in the [industry].

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💌 Etcetera

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9 ways your home may be spying on you

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The tragic origins of the first taipan antivenom

Why human brains were bigger 3,000 years ago

Climate-friendly renovations using straw and hemp

Resilience lessons from an incredible real-life castaway!

New software boosts the accuracy of tech to measure crop health

This drone could be the key to learning more about our oceans

🗞️ News

OpenAI in Hollywood

OpenAI has been demonstrating its new video-generating AI “Sora” to directors and movie studios in Hollywood.

Sora can automatically generate video content and some in the film industry see potential for using it to generate special effects or backgrounds. However, others have expressed concerns that audiences may find AI-generated content unauthentic.

Nvidia & Pure Storage

Nvidia and Pure Storage have partnered and unveiled new AI tools and frameworks at a conference that help manage the large amounts of data and computing needed for AI.

This includes connecting Nvidia GPUs with Pure Storage flash storage for AI tasks. Pure Storage also validated that its storage works well with Nvidia's computing platforms. They are developing industry-specific AI solutions, starting with one for finance.

Tesla’s 1-month free trial

Tesla is rolling out a major update to their Full Self-Driving software called version 12, which Elon Musk has said will be "mind-blowing".

However, FSD remains a Level 2 driver assistance system where users must pay attention and be ready to take control at all times. To gather more real-world data on the new software, Tesla will make FSD available for free to all Tesla owners in the US for one month starting this week.

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