Stack Overflow In Gemini

PLUS: Mistral & IBM, Brave’s Android AI

Welcome humans, here’s your 3-minute recap (without the fluff):

  1. Stack Overflow has partnered with Google Cloud to integrate Stack Overflow's large knowledge base into Gemini → More here

  2. Mistral partnered with IBM. With all the funding, Mistral potentially competes with OpenAI and Anthropic.→ More here

  3. Brave has launched its AI assistant Leo on Android. Brave says chats with Leo are private and anonymous. → More here

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📚 Resources

4 ways AI could transform the economy as we know it (link)

A.I. used to decipher ancient scrolls from 2,000 years ago (link)

Brain AI wants to bring you to the app-less future of smartphones (link)

Microsoft’s ‘Copilot for Finance’ aims to revolutionize the spreadsheet with AI (link)

Mistral AI makes waves with deals across tech giants including Microsoft, and IBM (link)

💰 Funding

Slice raises $7M in seed funding to revolutionize global equity management with AI (link)

Gradial raises $5.4M to bring AI to enterprise marketing workflows (link)

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Machine Learning Researcher at Toyota Research Institute (Remote)

Senior Analyst, Marketing Operations Campaign Builder at Comcast (US)

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Why the U.S., China, India, Japan and others are rushing back to the moon?

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🗞️ News

Stack Overflow & Google

Stack Overflow has announced a partnership with Google Cloud to integrate Stack Overflow's large knowledge base into Google's AI tools for developers.

Google will gain access to Stack Overflow's data of over 58 million questions, answers, and comments to power features like validated answers within Google Cloud console and Gemini.

Mistral & IBM

After Mistral announced a partnership with Microsoft, They also partnered with IBM. These significant deals show that both companies view Mistral as an innovative leader in AI that can provide value to their customers.

With $415 million in funding, Mistral is well-positioned to compete with dominant generative AI companies like OpenAI and Anthropic.

Brave’s Android AI

Brave has launched its AI assistant Leo on Android devices, allowing users to ask questions, translate pages, summarize content, and use natural language.

Leo incorporates several large language models including Mixtral, Claude, and LLama. Brave says chats with Leo are private and anonymous. Leo will soon also be available on iOS.

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