Learn things *much* faster using AI

And it won't bully you for not knowing stuff

Prompt engineers unite!

Who’s ready for some more ideas on how you can use AI to be more productive?

Before that, I wanted to announce the course that I’m working on.

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Here’s a quick rundown:

  • It’s a series of emails (with videos)

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Oh and did I mention that there is a 14-day refund policy? Basically…

If you don’t save at least an hour a day from what you learned in the course, you have 14 days to request a refund. No questions asked.

Sound good? Let’s go!

Now let’s get into…

The Biggest Things In AI Recently

1️⃣ OpenAI recently launched its own API. In simple terms, this means anyone can create apps powered by ChatGPT’s language model and use its capabilities (link).

2️⃣ You’ll be seeing more companies like Jasper (content writing tool), Tribescaler (hook writing tool), and background.lol (free wallpaper generation tool).

3️⃣ If you’re building something in the space (and this this newsletter would be a great place to share, let me know).

Let’s get into the prompt for today… 👇

Prompt: “Explain In Simple Terms”

If you’re subscribed to this newsletter, chances are you love learning new things.

You love exploring, learning, and implementing.

Becoming more productive. Becoming a better version of yourself.

A big part of all of this is to understand things fundamentally.

Richard Feynman (also known as one of the greatest teachers of all-time) said:

If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't really understand it.

Richard Feynman

This means we need to learn to understand things simply…

And learn to explain them simply.

AI can help with that.

Let’s get into a prompt where we can learn about large language models (LLMs) simply.

First, I used Bing’s chat feature to see what results it gave (you have to download Microsoft edge to try it out).

But the response it gave was not that great…

I told it to explain large language models to me like I was an 11-year-old.

I’ve found “11” to be a good balance between simplicity and information.

The response from Bing was short despite me asking “provide more context”.

But ChatGPT did a better job in my opinion… (see below)

Microsoft’s Bing Chat

ChatGPT’s response was simple (which was demanded) but also informative and more detailed.

I preferred it.

You can copy-paste both prompts from below and try for yourself.

ChatGPT’s response

ChatGPT does not have data after September of 2021.

So… it won’t be up-to-date with new concepts and live events.

But for definitions and explanations, it is doing a better job.

Try It For Yourself

Copy the prompt below:

Hey ChatGPT. I want to learn about large language models. Everyone in AI keeps talking about it. Explain large language models in simple terms. Explain to me like I'm 11 years old.
Expand on that and provide more context. Show me specific applications

Tomorrow, I’m writing a thread on how to use ChatGPT to build a course 5x faster.

Courses for your internal teams. Courses for your audience. Courses for anything.

Basically… educational products.

I’ll show you how to research your customer base, how to find their pain points and build the course outline faster with ChatGPT.

Follow me on Twitter for those updates as well as real-time updates on AI and prompt engineering.

👋 That’s it for today! see you tomorrow.