AMD’s Struggle To Reach China

PLUS: AI In Data Cloud, New AI Unicorn?

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  1. AMD’s AI chip designed for the Chinese market was deemed too powerful for export by the US Commerce Department → More here

  2. Snowflake partnered with Mistral to bring secure and governed generative AI capabilities to Snowflake's data cloud → More here

  3. Perplexity is reportedly nearing a funding round that will value it at around $1 billion, which would make it a unicorn startup → More here

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Kayak’s new AI features will let users double-check flights with a screenshot (link)

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OpenAI signs open letter to build AI responsibly, just days after Elon Musk sued the company for putting profit ahead of people (link)

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Overjet raises $53M: the largest investment in the history of dental AI (link)

Taalas raised $50M in funding for a groundbreaking silicon AI technology (link)

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🗞️ News

AMD’s struggle to reach China

AMD had hoped to gain approval from the US Commerce Department to sell an AI chip it developed specifically for the Chinese market.

However, the Commerce Department determined this chip was too powerful and would require an export license, even though it has lower performance than AMD's other chips sold outside of China.

Mistral & Snowflake

Snowflake has announced a global partnership with Mistral AI to use generative models in the Snowflake Data Cloud.

The collaboration aims to deliver advanced generative AI capabilities to Snowflake customers while maintaining security, privacy, and governance over their sensitive enterprise data stored in the Snowflake cloud.

New AI unicorn?

Perplexity is reportedly nearing a funding round that will value it at around $1 billion, which would make it a unicorn startup.

The valuation is quite the jump from the $520 million the company was valued at just two months ago, with participation from several other firms and strategies such as Nvidia and Jeff Bezos.

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