$4.3B Investment In France

PLUS: Nvidia’s Quantum Computing, UK’s AI Model Safety

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  • Free AI sales agent for your business*: Transform your website into a 2-way communication channel by helping your visitors find exactly what they are looking for in seconds

  • Microsoft will invest $4.3 billion in France over 3 years to boost AI and cloud computing (More)

  • Nvidia is accelerating quantum computing efforts at national supercomputing centers worldwide (More)

  • The UK AI Safety Institute has released Inspect, an open-source toolset to evaluate AI model safety (More)

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Useful Resources

What is trustworthy AI? by NVIDIA (link)

Using generative AI to improve software testing (link)

Copilot for OneDrive will fetch your files and summarize them (link)

A new way to let AI chatbots converse all day without crashing (link)

Wix’s AI chatbot builds websites in seconds based on prompts (link)

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Trovo Health raised $15M to launch its AI-powered platform that helps healthcare providers extend their capabilities (link)

The AISAP raises $13M in seed funding for the first AI-powered, point-of-care ultrasound diagnostic solution (link)

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How insects tell different sugars apart

Top 10 fastest aircraft ever & in service

10 oldest human skeletons in the world

How to set your child up for reading success?

Are more mosquitoes a fix for the world's mosquito problem?

A rare geomagnetic storm is heading to Earth — here’s what it means for critical infrastructure

🗞️ Closing Updates

Investing In France

Microsoft is investing $4.3 billion over the next 3 years to expand its cloud and AI presence in France.

The majority of the investment will go towards establishing a new data center in Mulhouse and supporting France's AI startups and training programs. This investment is part of France's "Choose France" initiative to attract major tech companies.

Nvidia’s Quantum Computing

Nvidia announced it will accelerate quantum computing efforts at national supercomputing centers in Germany, Japan, and Poland using its open-source CUDA-Q platform.

The centers will integrate quantum processing units (QPUs) from various providers with Nvidia's Grace Hopper Superchips to create hybrid quantum-classical supercomputing systems. These systems aim to advance research in areas like AI, energy, biology, chemistry, and machine learning.

UK’s AI model safety

The U.K. AI Safety Institute has released a new open-source toolset called “Inspect” to help industry, research organizations, and academia evaluate the safety and capabilities of AI models.

Inspect aims to assess an AI model's core knowledge, and reasoning abilities, and generate a safety score. The tool is designed to be extensible and allow for new testing techniques to be added.

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