How to Increase Revenue with Attention

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This Sunday, I want you to sit back, relax, and enjoy this deep dive that will help your business 10x sales revenue. Simple as that.

We’ll be diving deep into this tool that will help you:

  • Automatically fill up your CRM after a sales call

  • Automatically draft a follow-up email to your prospect

  • Help your revenue team improve by 1% every day

We’ll show you how all of this is possible with this tool called Attention AI.

Over 150 of their customers, including Aircall, Clay, Rev and Finch, are getting ahead of their competitors using Attention and growing their revenue.

Yash Tekriwal, head of Enterprise Sales at Clay, says: “there’s no way we’d be able to handle the volume of deals we’ve had the past months without Attention”.

Let’s dive in 👇️

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1. Attention auto-fills your CRM and writes your follow-up emails

We have integrated Attention into our daily operations. Attention harmonizes with our CRM system, autonomously capturing and updating vital information from each sales interaction.

This includes tasks such as updating a client's contact details post-call, recording key meeting points, or tracking follow-up actions.

Regardless of whether you’re already using a notetaker, Attention will capture your conversations and automate it all for you!

It will also identify key risks and other precious insights out of your deals in seconds, so you know how to deal with those ahead of time and win more deals:

Attention will write your follow-up emails to your customers in seconds, based on your ideal template, saving you 20-30mn after each call!

2. Attention auto-scores and coaches your sales reps based on your definition of good and bad

Attention’s customers are seeing an average increase in $250k ARR per sales rep through this feature.

Within seconds, reps and managers can identify in seconds where they’re strong and where their areas of improvement are, for each call and each deal, using either your methodologies and frameworks, or the custom ones they built out with the input of several heads of sales providing their own templates.

Why would one rep have to wait 7 days for their next 1-1 with their manager, when they can get coached all day every day with Attention, and close more deals?

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3. Attention’s Generalized Insights automatically show you what customers are asking about the most, what new objections having been coming up, and why your top reps are better sellers than the rest of the pack

Instead of spending weeks going through call transcripts and incomplete summaries to understand what customers are asking for, what objections your team is getting, or why certain reps are outperforming other ones, Attention will provide you, in minutes, an answer to any of your questions, across your entire collection of calls:

This is the secret weapon to any Chief Revenue Officer when preparing board meetings, to any Sales Enablement leader when needing to update their enablement content, and to RevOps managers when bridging the gap between their quantitative analyses and qualitative understanding of the most recent business challenges.

Attention is constantly working and improving on their product.

They have truly become a leader in the AI space for sales teams.

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