Stability AI’s Instability

PLUS: WhatsApp’s AI Editor, Financial Times’ AI

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Welcome humans, here’s your 3-minute recap (without the fluff):

  1. Stability AI’s CEO has stepped down to pursue decentralized AI. The company has appointed an interim CEO → More here

  2. WhatsApp’s new AI features: AI image editor and Meta AI assistant in development → More here

  3. Financial Times’ new chatbot "Ask FT" uses past articles to answer subscriber questions → More here

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Falcon vs car

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On-animal cameras reveal hidden whale world

The world’s biggest cloud computing service providers

Could you pass the presidential physical fitness test today?

A total solar eclipse is coming. Here’s what you need to know

The surprising impact of wind turbines on US property prices

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🗞️ News

Stability AI’s instability

Emad Mostaque has stepped down as CEO of Stability AI to "pursue decentralized AI". Mostaque's departure comes after other key developers at Stability AI resigned recently.

Stability AI has appointed interim co-CEOs and will search for a permanent CEO as it focuses on commercializing its AI products like Stable Diffusion.

WhatsApp’s AI editor

WhatsApp is working on new AI features, including an image editor that allows users to modify photos directly within the app to change backgrounds, styles, and enlarge images.

It is also developing an AI assistant called Meta AI that can be accessed through the search bar to answer user questions.

Financial Times’ AI

The Financial Times created a new AI chatbot called “Ask FT” that can answer questions from subscribers using information from decades of articles published by the Financial Times.

It works similarly to other generative AI models but bases its responses solely on the Financial Times’ content.

That’s all.

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