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How to Increase Your Sales Revenue with this New Feature

AI productivity hacks, use cases and prompts

Welcome back to Prompts Daily.

This Sunday, I want you to sit back, relax, and enjoy this deep dive that will help 10x your sales revenue. Simple as that.

And we’ll cover the AI tools and software to help you do so.

We’ll be diving deep into how you can use AI to:

  • Diagnose what’s killing your deals

  • Uncover winning strategies of your top sales reps

  • Understand what your customers actually need

We will show how you can achieve all this with the tool: Attention AI, specifically with its Generalized Insights feature.

Over 150 of their customers, including tech-forward companies like Clay and Aircall and international conglomerates, use Attention as their secret weapon to crush their revenue targets.

Specifically, the Generalized Insights feature is the crystal ball for your sales calls.

It’ll reveal hidden patterns, pinpoint weaknesses, and highlight winning strategies. All within your existing library of conversations.

Deep Dive: Generalized Insights

Think of it as a super-powered search engine for your sales calls.

You can ask any question about your conversations, and Generalized Insights will analyze them all to deliver instant, data-driven answers. 

See what that looks like below:

No more sifting through mountains of call recordings or relying on incomplete summaries.

Let’s dive into 3 more tactical use cases on how you can win more deals and increase revenue 👇

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Diagnose Deal Killers

If you struggle to identify why deals are slipping away? Generalized Insights can help with exactly these problems. Use this prompt:

"Rank the reasons we're losing deals to competitors."

Within seconds, you'll have a prioritized list of what is killing your deals based on actual conversations, highlighting areas where your team can improve.

If the same negative feedback was repeated on multiple calls, you now know where to focus your efforts to close more deals in the future.

Uncover Winning Strategies

Ever wonder what sets your top salespeople apart? Now you can unlock their secrets. Use this prompt:

"Show me what our top reps are doing differently than the others to win more deals."

It will analyze top-performer calls, pinpointing key phrases, sales pitches, and negotiation tactics that drive success across all your sales reps.

Share these insights with the rest of your team, and watch their closing rates soar!

Your sales reps will also love you for this as you’re making them more money :)

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Understand Customer Needs

Keeping up with customer requests can be a nightmare, especially for enterprise clients.

Generalized Insights streamlines this process by identifying the most pressing needs. Use a prompt like:

"Rank, by frequency, our customer requests for new features."

This empowers your development team to focus on features that truly matter to your customers, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.

Hope you enjoyed these use cases on how you can use AI to generate more revenue for your company!

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That’s all, team!

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Let me know which tool I should do a deep dive on next 🧠

That’s it for now 🙂 Stay curious, leaders!

- Mr. Prompts

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