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PLUS: British's Microsoft Investigation, Slack Under Attack

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  • Hugging Face commits $10 million in free shared GPUs for AI development by developers, academics, and startups (More)

  • Britain's CMA will not investigate Microsoft's $16 million investment in French AI startup Mistral AI (More)

  • Slack faces backlash over AI data collection practices, making it hard for users to opt out (More)

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Danswer - An AI-powered search engine across your company's docs, apps, and people to find the information you need, faster (link)

Anyword - An AI writing platform for enterprise marketing teams (link)

Stack AI - The No-Code Generative AI Platform helps to deploy custom AI Assistants, Chatbots, and Workflow automation to make your company 10x more efficient (link)

LTX Studio - An AI-driven filmmaking platform for creators, marketers, filmmakers, and studios (link)

Useful Resources

How Al is supercharging work right now (link)

16+ ChatGPT-4o advanced brainstorming prompts and techniques (link)

ChatGPT-4o vs. ChatGPT-4: 5 biggest upgrades you need to know (link)

8 new accessibility updates across Lookout, Google Maps, and more (link)

How generative AI expands curiosity and understanding with LearnLM (link)

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Which type of AI application is most beneficial for detecting fraud in financial transactions?

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Sigma raised $200M in Series D funding to continue transforming BI through its innovations in AI infrastructure (link)

Hailo lands $120M to keep battling Nvidia as most AI chip startups struggle (link)

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Sales @ Prompts Daily (Remote)

Open-Source ML Release Engineer at Hugging Face (Remote)

AI Marketing Technology Manager at Highmark Health (US)

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Used EVs are getting cheaper. Should you buy one?

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How can WhatsApp work even with poor internet service?

When the U.S. tried to win World War II with radioactive foxes

The science behind your wandering mind and what to do about it

Spectacular gold ring with Christ image among 30,000 archaeological finds

All human existence may have begun in a black hole, some scientists believe


Free computing power

Hugging Face is committing $10 million in free shared GPUs to help developers, academics, and startups create new AI technologies.

This is an effort to counter the centralization of AI advancements within major tech companies.

Microsoft was spared

Britain's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has decided not to investigate Microsoft's $16 million investment in the French AI startup Mistral AI.

The CMA determined this partnership does not qualify for a formal investigation under merger regulations.

Slack under attack

Slack is tapping into its user data to power new AI services. However, the company has made it difficult for users to opt out of this data collection (buried in privacy policy).

This has sparked outrage among Slack users, who feel the company is not being transparent about its AI training practices.

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