Google’s AI Budget

PLUS: Intel’s China Specific Chips, OpenAI In Premiere Pro

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  • Google's AI Budget Ambitions: DeepMind CEO hints Google's AI investment will surpass rumored Microsoft-OpenAI "Stargate" project ($100 Billion)

  • Intel's China Compromise: New AI chips tailored for the Chinese market face limitations due to US export restrictions

  • Adobe integrates AI tools for Premiere Pro, allowing video extension, object manipulation, and text-based content generation with OpenAI Sora

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🗞️ Expanded News

Google’s AI budget

Demis Hassabis, the CEO of DeepMind, was asked about reports that Microsoft and OpenAI are planning a large data center called "Stargate" that could cost up to $100 billion.

While Google did not provide specific spending figures, Hassabis said their investment in AI will be more than that amount over the long run.

Intel’s China specific chips

Intel plans to launch two new AI chips in China called HL-328 and HL-388 in June and September, respectively.

However, due to recent US export restrictions, the capabilities of these chips will be significantly reduced compared to Intel's main product line.

OpenAI in Premiere Pro

Adobe is developing new generative AI tools for its video editing software Premiere Pro, allowing users to extend clips, add or remove objects, and generate new video content using text prompts.

While Adobe showed an early demo of its own video model, third-party integrations with models like OpenAI's Sora, Runway & Pika Labs can also be used.

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