Google’s AI In iPhones

PLUS: Grok Open Sourced, A ChatGPT For Music

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  1. Apple might partner with Google to use the "Gemini" AI model in upcoming iPhones. They're aiming to improve AI features but may need external help → More here

  2. xAI open-sourced their "Grok" on GitHub, allowing others to build on this explainable AI technology. Training data and server access are not included → More here

  3. Suno launched their V3 model that generates music based on text prompts. It can create lyrics, melodies, and instrumentals → More here

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🛠️ Tools

Softr - Helps you turn your spreadsheets and databases into client portals and internal tools (link)

Emma AI - Build tailored AI assistants effortlessly with GPT-3.5, seamlessly integrating with various platforms for enhanced productivity and data control (link)

Capsule - An AI-powered video editor for content and marketing teams (link)

Pixite - Offers AI-driven custom clothing design and printing (link)

📚 Resources

AI plants a digital forest at NVIDIA GTC (link)

The department of homeland security is embracing AI (link)

Why Figma CEO Dylan Field is optimistic about AI and the future of design (link)

Adobe Substance 3D’s AI features can turn text into backgrounds/textures (link)

Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference is ‘the Davos of AI’, says Constellation Research’s Ray Wang (link)

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💰 Funding

Urbanic secures $150M investment to enhance AI design capabilities (link)

DraftWise announces $20M series A round to transform the legal industry with AI-powered drafting and negotiation software (link)

💼 Job Board

Engineer with the System Reliability at T-Mobile (US)

Solution Architect, AI/ML at 66degrees (Remote)

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🤖 Prompt Tutorial

The Art of the FAQ

Write 5 FAQ questions and 4 options about [topic]. Make the options interesting and confusing. Highlight correct answers.

Topic = [Insert here]

💌 Etcetera

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20 countries with the highest tea consumption per capita

How to use MidJourney's new, consistent character feature

The mysterious underground city found in a man’s basement

The 21 weirdest, most hilarious things you can buy on Amazon

40 common cooking terms to make you sound like a pro in the kitchen

A ChatGPT for music is here. Inside Suno, the start-up changing everything

How much energy will new semiconductor factories burn through in the US?

New wearable neck patch invention allows people to speak with no vocal cords

🗞️ News

Google’s AI in iPhones

Apple is reportedly exploring a partnership with Google to license Google's AI technology, specifically the Gemini model, to power new features on iPhones.

Apple is under pressure to catch up with competitors in AI and wants to introduce new AI-powered features this year.

xAI open sources Grok

xAI has open-sourced Grok on GitHub. This will allow other researchers and developers to build on the model.

The release includes the base model from last October but does not include the training data or a connection to xAI's servers.

A ChatGPT for Music

Suno is an AI startup that has developed a new model, V3, that can generate realistic-sounding music and songs from simple text prompts, including creating original lyrics, melodies, and instrumentals.

The founders envision Suno becoming a tool for a billion people to engage in music creation for fun, helping democratize the industry.

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