Audits of Top AI Companies?

PLUS: AI Coding Adaptation, Amazon’s AI Playlists

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Loft Labs secures $24M in new funding to expand Kubernetes tools and team (link)

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🗞️ Expanded News

Audits of top AI companies?

A former OpenAI board member Helen Toner believes that leading AI companies should be more transparent about the capabilities and risks of developing technologies.

Toner also calls for "AI auditors" to independently evaluate companies' work instead of the companies evaluating themselves.

AI coding adaptation

Microsoft’s GitHub coding platform’s AI assistant Copilot is gaining widespread adoption among software developers. Copilot has attracted over 1.3 million customers since its launch.

It automatically completes lines of code for a developer based on text prompts, saving engineers hundreds of hours per month on coding tasks.

Amazon’s AI playlists

Amazon Music has launched an AI-generated playlist feature called Maestro that allows users to create playlists using prompts in natural language or emojis.

Maestro is currently in beta and available only to some Amazon Music users in the US.

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