Inflection’s New AI

PLUS: Nvidia & HP, Nuclear Energy For AI

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  1. Inflection's new AI excels at coding, math, and real-time results, using less computing power than competitors. Pi can also offer emotional support for users → More here

  2. NVIDIA and HP team up to speed up data analysis libraries on workstations, potentially revolutionizing local AI development → More here

  3. Tech giants invest in nuclear energy to power data centers, while Oklo aims for miniaturized reactors for wider clean energy solutions → More here

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🛠️ Tools

Stack AI - The No-Code Generative AI Platform helps to deploy custom AI Assistants, Chatbots, and Workflow Automation to make your company 10x more efficient (link)

Kixie - Helps you easily automate calling & texting for sales teams (link)

Athina AI - Manage LLMs in production by detecting and fixing hallucinations while efficiently managing prompts, all in a single interface (link)

Symbolab - A powerful online math solver that can help you tackle any math problem, from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus (link)

📚 Resources

Karine Perset helps governments understand AI (link)

Researchers enhance peripheral vision in AI models (link)

LLMs land on laptops: NVIDIA, HP CEOs celebrate AI PCs (link)

How AI is helping advance women’s health around the world (link)

The Humane AI Pin worked better than I expected — until it didn’t (link)

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💰 Funding

Team8 raises $500M in new funds for building and investing in cyber, data infrastructure, and AI (link)

Fijoya raises 8.3M seed funding to pioneer AI-powered platform for employer-sponsored healthcare (link)

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🗞️ News

Inflection’s new AI

Inflection’s Pi AI has recently been updated with a new version called Inflection’s new AI that has improved abilities in areas like coding, math, and accessing real-time results.

Inflection-2.5 comes close to GPT-4's performance but used only 40% of the computer resources for training, Inflection said. Beyond facts, Pi can also offer empathy and advice to users who are feeling sad, angry, or depressed.

Nvidia & HP

NVIDIA and HP have partnered to integrate NVIDIA's data processing libraries with HP's AI workstation solutions. A key part of this is accelerating the popular pandas data analysis library in Python up to 110x faster using NVIDIA GPUs, without requiring any code changes.

This will provide data scientists with a powerful and seamless full-stack solution for developing, testing, and running large-scale data science and generative AI models on local workstations.

Nuclear energy

Microsoft and Google are already investing in nuclear energy deals to power their data centers as a cleaner alternative to the electric grid.

A startup called “Oklo“, which is backed by Sam Altman, is working to build small modular nuclear reactors that could provide clean energy for data centers and communities

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