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PLUS: Automate Sales Calls, Google's Stolen Data

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Write Your Next Story With AI

  • Create an original plot outline in 30 minutes

  • Build unforgettable worlds and characters readers will love

  • Fix the 2 biggest genre mistakes keeping you undiscovered

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LTX Studio - An AI-driven filmmaking platform for creators, marketers, filmmakers, and studios (link)

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📚 Resources

Generative AI for smart grid modeling (link)

Teachers are embracing ChatGPT-powered grading (link)

Samsung’s new microSD cards could make on-device AI easier (link)

OpenAI put out an article to give some clarity on Elon’s lawsuit (link)

US Army is experimenting with GenAI to test out battle plans using video games, reveals study (link)

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💰 Funding

Zama raises $73M for its privacy-preserving homomorphic encryption (link)

Ema secures $25M funding for AI solutions in enterprise transformation (link)

💼 Job Board

Sr. Technical Product Manager at Upwork (Remote)

Solutions Lead - Cyber Solutions at Capgemini (US)

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Data for Everyone

What are the most effective tools and ways and platforms for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data in [industry]

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💌 Etcetera

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9 technological inventions that have changed the world

The 10 most loved (and most hated) American slang words

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What’s the safest seat on a plane? We asked an aviation expert

iPhone 14 Pro Max: Here's how much it costs Apple to make yours

Could a giant parasol in outer space help solve the climate crisis?

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Which countries have the highest (and lowest) literacy rates in the world?

🗞️ News

AI in Reels

Meta is building a single AI model to power recommendations across its entire video platform, including Reels and the Facebook feed, to improve the relevance and responsiveness of recommendations.

The company's head of AI said this model could lead to an 8-10% increase in watching time for Reels.

Automate sales and marketing calls

Coforge has developed a new tool called Orion that will automate phone calls. Orion can make outbound sales and marketing calls by dynamically generating voice conversations.

It can also handle incoming customer service calls using speech recognition and text-to-speech capabilities. The goal is to optimize businesses by allowing automated phone interactions 24/7 in multiple languages.

Google’s stolen secrets

A former Google software engineer has been charged with stealing trade secrets related to Google's AI infrastructure.

While working at Google, he allegedly uploaded hundreds of confidential files to his personal accounts over a year. He is also accused of taking jobs with two Chinese companies without informing Google.

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