2 Million AI experts

PLUS: AI Holograms, Data Privacy With Gemini

Welcome humans, here’s your 3-minute recap (without the fluff):

  • Microsoft is training 2 million Indians in AI by next year

  • AI holograms like "Abbot Kinney" to answer user questions

  • Google's Gemini: Stores user conversations for up to 3 years

  • New tools, funding updates & job postings

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🛠️ Tools

Shortform - Experience an explosive growth of knowledge by reading best-selling business and entrepreneurship books in a fraction of the time. Plus, with their revolutionary AI tool, you can distill the entire internet into concise summaries with a single click – and it's yours for FREE with your subscription. (link)

Zaplify - 6,7X your leads with ONE tool while doing something else. Match with prospects, know what to say & follow up auto-magically. (link)

Sudowrite - An AI writing partner, that boosts your writing speed. (link)

Folk - An intelligent CRM that works for you, it's lightweight, customizable, and powered by AI (link)

📚 Resources

Entrepreneurs seek ethical AI use (link)

Youtube: Goldman Sachs’ top AI picks (link)

How to get funded as an AI company in 2024 (link)

How KLM is using AI to make flights more sustainable (link)

Arm CEO talks growth as stock rallies on AI-fueled demand (link)

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🗞️ News

2 million AI experts

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke at an event in Mumbai, India and said that Microsoft plans to train 2 million Indians in smaller cities and towns in AI skills by next year.

Microsoft announced a partnership with an Indian company called Karya to create datasets in local languages to train ethical AI models and provide jobs.

AI holograms

AR/T House has revealed Smart Avatar technology, which uses augmented reality and AI to create interactive holograms to respond to user questions.

As a demonstration, they created a hologram of historical figure Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach, California that users can engage with to learn more about the area's history from Kinney himself.

Data privacy with Gemini

Google saves conversations with Gemini by default for up to 3 years. This data is used to improve the Gemini apps through training AI models. While users can opt out of some data saving through their account settings, conversations will still be saved for 72 hours for security and safety reasons.

Human annotators also routinely review and label conversations to enhance the apps, though it's unclear if these annotators are Google employees or external contractors.

✅ Daily AI Challenge

Which recent development in AI has the potential to revolutionize logistics with optimized delivery routes and reduced costs?

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💰 Funding

Ambience Healthcare secures $70M funding to transform healthcare workflows with AI (link)

Perigon secures $5M in seed funding to structure the open web for AI (link)

💼 Job Board

Head of ML & AI at Discord (Remote)

Sales Director at Shaip (US)

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