Why Microsoft Invested In OpenAI?

PLUS: X’s AI News, Amazon’s AI Coding

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  • Microsoft reveals past struggles with AI, prompting $1 billion OpenAI investment

  • X launches "Stories" with AI summaries for Premium subscribers

  • Amazon Q offers developers advanced AI coding features and data access

  • Tools to increase your productivity

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 AI for empowering business, TEDx Talks (link)

The teens making friends with AI chatbots (link)

Three things we learned about Apple’s AI plans from its earnings (link)

Generative AI in outsourcing and its impact on business models (link)

10 Things to know about Perplexity Al, a new competitor of Google (link)

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The AISAP raises $13M in seed funding for the first AI-powered, point-of-care ultrasound diagnostic solution (link)

DeepKeep secures $10M in seed funding to bolster GenAI protection efforts (link)

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Get hired at Tesla & Google as an AI Developer

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Movie remake vs. reboot: what's the difference?

25 ancient ruins with hidden and unusual secrets

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🗞️ Closing Updates

Reasons behind Microsoft’s AI investment

Microsoft invested $1 billion in OpenAI in 2019 because it was "very worried" that Google was years ahead in scaling up its AI capabilities.

Microsoft's CTO admitted they were "multiple years behind the competition" in machine learning and struggled to replicate Google's language models.

X’s AI news

X has launched a new feature called "Stories" that uses Grok to summarize the trending news and discussions happening on the platform.

This feature is exclusive to X's Premium subscribers, who will be able to read concise summaries of the top stories featured in the Explore section's "For You" feed.

Amazon’s AI coding

Amazon’s Amazon Q provides developers with advanced capabilities like code generation, testing, debugging, and planning.

It also simplifies access to internal company data, allowing employees to efficiently retrieve information from enterprise repositories. Also, to build custom generative AI applications tailored to the organization's data and needs.

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