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This Sunday, I want you to sit back, relax, and enjoy this deep dive into Notion’s new AI feature called Q&A, which is a chatbot inside of your Notion workspace.

You can ask it questions and it will go out and search your content to create concise answers, as well as citing its sources and linking you to the pages it pulls information from.

Q&A has many use cases that can significantly boost productivity, here are 3 use cases to utilize Q&A in your workflow:

  • Meeting preparation and follow-ups

  • Accessing knowledge across teams

  • Tracking project status and progress

Let’s get into it 👇

🧠 Note: New to Notion? You can download it for free here. It’s loved by 30M+ users around the world (and we love it too 🙂)

How to add Q&A to your Notion workspace

Firstly, you need to have access to Notion AI to use QnA, you need to add it to your free Notion plan through Settings > Billing:

Once you have Notion AI in your plan, go to the Notion AI website and click on Sign up for Q&A waitlist:

Done? Now let’s get into each use case one by one.

1. Meeting Preparation and Follow-Ups

Q&A helps you effectively prepare for and follow up on meetings by retrieving insights from past discussions.

Before a meeting, ask Q&A:

- What feedback did my team have on the product roadmap last week?

After a meeting, ask Q&A:

- Summarize the key milestones we agreed to with the marketing agency.

Having these details instantly retrievable eliminates searching through notes and drives accountability.

2. Accessing Knowledge Across Teams

With siloed information across an organization, it can be difficult to find what you need or tap into your team's expertise.

Q&A enables you to efficiently leverage knowledge across departments. Some examples:

- Where can I find our social media guidelines?

Q&A searches Notion workspaces you have access to, connecting disparate insights.

3. Tracking Project Status and Progress

Staying on top of shifting priorities and understanding where things stand is challenging, especially with distributed teams.

Q&A helps you monitor moving parts by answering questions like:

- Is this blog "How to Create a Customer-Centric Holiday Shopping Experience" still in-progress?

With Q&A, you can find the answer you need about your blog’s project status instantly, rather than digging through a mountain of docs.

Notion's game-changing Q&A takes your productivity to the next level.

By leveraging AI to connect insights across your workspace, Q&A eliminates repetitive searches and provides an informational edge.

For entrepreneurs, managers, and business owners, integrate Q&A into your workflow for meeting prep, cross-team knowledge sharing, and project tracking.

Let Q&A amplify your productivity.

Bonus Use Cases…

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