NSA Officer In OpenAI

PLUS: Elon Is Getting Sued, Prompt To Find jobs

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  • NSA's former head, General Paul M. Nakasone, joins OpenAI's board for cybersecurity efforts (More)

  • Tesla shareholders sue Elon Musk over his new venture, xAI, alleging resource diversion (More)

  • LinkedIn introduces AI-powered job search tools and personalized resume feedback for Premium subscribers (More)

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Productivity Tools

Success AI - An AI-powered platform that provides unlimited email accounts, lead warmups, and turbocharges cold email outreach to help businesses grow (link)

Ocean.io - A traditional lead data provider, helps in data collection (link)

Sendspark - Allows users to easily record, personalize, and share videos at scale to drive sales and connect with customers (link)

Tavrn - An AI-powered medical records chronology service that organizes patient health histories for lawyers (link)

Useful Resources

Apple Intelligence vs Samsung Galaxy AI (link)

New algorithm discovers language just by watching videos (link)

How to use AI to market your small business + HubSpot's favorite AI tools (link)

True Fit leverages generative AI to help online shoppers find clothes that fit (link)

Bill Gates is going nuclear: How his latest project could power U.S. homes and AI (link)

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💰 Funding

The Bezos Earth Fund launches $100M AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge (link)

Enveda raises $55M to combine ancient remedies with AI for drug discovery (link)

💼 Job Board

Machine Learning Research Engineer at HackerRank (Remote)

Senior Demand Generation Manager at Cresta (US)

🐦 New iPhone/iPad updates:

🔮 Mystery Link

This link could show you Elon Musk's business secrets or how to do a backflip or anything in between.


Building Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Imagine you are tasked with advising a startup on the importance of building strategic alliances and partnerships. Write a detailed message outlining the key benefits of such collaborations. Include examples of successful partnerships in the business world and practical steps the startup can take to identify and approach potential partners.


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NSA officer in OpenAI

The former head of the National Security Agency (NSA), General Paul M. Nakasone, has joined the board of directors at OpenAI.

Nakasone will serve on OpenAI's Safety and Security Committee, led by CEO Sam Altman, and will contribute to OpenAI's efforts to use AI for cybersecurity.

Elon is getting sued

Tesla shareholders are suing CEO Elon Musk and the company's board of directors over Musk's decision to start xAI.

The shareholders allege that Musk is diverting talent and resources away from Tesla to this competing venture, which they say is a breach of his fiduciary duties.

Prompt to find jobs

LinkedIn is rolling out a suite of new AI-powered features exclusively for its Premium subscribers.

Natural language job search tool that allows users to find relevant openings using text prompts, personalized resume feedback from the AI to help tailor applications for specific roles, and a cover letter builder that can generate content.

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