OpenAI's Focus After Sam Altman

PLUS: AI Medical Clinics, Google’s Gemini Is Delayed

Dear industry leader, here’s your 3-minute recap (without the fluff):

  • How is OpenAI’s interim CEO Mira Murati handling the company

  • AI-powered CarePods revolutionize healthcare with convenient diagnostic testing

  • Google's ambitious AI project, Gemini, faces a delay until Q1 2023

  • New tools, funding updates & job postings

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🛠️ Tools

Glean - Search across all your company’s apps to find exactly what you need. AI-powered workplace search. (link)

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📚 Resources

8 AI entrepreneurs to watch. (link)

10 AI tools that ChatGPT says every consultant should know. (link)

The 5 soft skills needed to succeed in an AI-dominated workplace. (link)

Business leaders share their best practices when implementing AI. (link)

Learn how AI can be integrated into your organization to transform your operations. (link)

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🗞️ News 

OpenAI’s Interim CEO’s leadership

OpenAI interim CEO Mira Murati sent an internal memo to employees following the former CEO Sam Altman's departure. She urged employees to remain focused on their work and stressed that Microsoft would continue to be a supporter of OpenAI's work, despite the leadership change.

AI medical clinics

CarePods are AI-powered medical clinics that offer a range of diagnostic tests without the need for a physical doctor present. Patients can access CarePods using their smartphones and select from a variety of tests, including full-body scans, blood pressure readings, and strep throat tests.

Google’s best AI model is delayed

Google had planned to release its new conversational AI system called Gemini to cloud customers and partners in November, but has now delayed the launch until the first quarter of 2023.

💰 Funding

Macquarie invests $190M in green aviation fuel supplier SkyNRG (link)

Generative AI company Haut AI raises $2.1M to expand in skincare B2B SaaS (link)

💼 Job Board

Group Public Sector Marketing Manager at Google (US)

Natural Language Processing Researcher at Kitware (Remote)

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