Ukraine’s AI Spokesperson

PLUS: OpenAI’s Cybersecurity Plan, AI Wins T20s

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Microsoft made the biggest renewable energy agreement ever to fuel its AI ambitions

🗞️ Closing Updates

Ukraine’s AI spokesperson

Ukraine has unveiled a new AI-generated spokesperson for its foreign ministry named Victoria Shi. She is a "digital person" who will read official statements written by human diplomats, to save time and resources.

To avoid fakes, Shi's statements will be accompanied by a QR code linking to the text on the ministry's website.

OpenAI’s cybersecurity plan

OpenAI is calling for the AI community to evolve infrastructure security to better protect advanced AI systems. As AI becomes increasingly strategic and sought after, OpenAI wants to protect the model weights, which power tools like ChatGPT as their online availability makes them a target for hackers.

To address these security challenges, OpenAI is proposing six key security measures that go beyond standard cybersecurity practice.

AI simulations in sports

The England women's cricket team used AI to help them win a T20 series against Australia.

The team's head coach revealed that the AI system, powered by a London-based company PSi, was used to simulate different team lineups and matchups against Australia. This helped the team make better selection decisions.

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